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December 8th, 2008 @10:54 pm  


December 8th, 2008 @11:13 pm  

good work karthik….
but Suzuki will have to hire new designers… the bike is not tat good looking…. Suzuki is not keeping their standards in Indian market… they do produce the best designs and one of the fastest bike … The HAYABUSA… but they r not taking it serious the competition they have to face in Indian market… Yamaha came up with fz16 with affordable price and sharp looks and a good engine performance( i wouldn’t say the best… did try tat one last day… not much impressed with the output of the engine…)
true karthik it does look like a unicorn… hope it does give the performance tat uni gives…
and i cant stop me from saying this…
Every thing started from the ” Male ” the Bajaj Pulsar… Suzuki should look at their designs….. (this is not coz i own a pulsar) ….

December 8th, 2008 @11:22 pm  

Biky lacks a fairing…
looks i can give only 3 outta 5..
power of 13.8Bhp seems to b kinda less for a 150 commuter…
fuel tank looks quite decent with no plastic scoops for added muscular look….
And finally, it has got a unique tail light..

December 8th, 2008 @11:30 pm  

forgot.. to comment on six gears….. hmm well R15 had six gears but it had the max power of 17 PS… well six gears and 13.8 b hp sounds interesting….. hope it would give a higher top speed….

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 8th, 2008 @11:35 pm  

@ Anish G Nair

SUZUKI HAYABUSA and YAMAHA R1 gives the same o/p. But Hayabusa is 1298cc where as R1 is 998cc…Well u r ryt..Suzuki were looking only on international market..but thru dis model they says they are cumin back to India…Well I dunno d o/p of FZ16…but I ‘ve heard (from different blogs) FZ16 gives better power than ordinary 150′s..but the company tells only 35-45 km/l…But some of them got 50-60 mileage… Anyway I wud suggest either a Unicorn or a Pulsar…And another fact is dat P180 has only a 1800 Rs. difference from P150…(On road price of P180 @ Thamaresseril Bajaj, Adoor is 71,000)…Anyway I think dis bike (GS150R) will give best in its class mileage, ‘coz der r 6 gears…bt still ‘m doubted abt its power..As everyone knows Suzuki Zeus didn’t show the power of the other bikes in its class..

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 9th, 2008 @6:44 pm  

@ vishnuec06

der z graphics on d tank, bt nt elaborate as Unicorn…yup bad impression abt fairing..and in fact no plastic scoops as Hunk…This is a style of 2005 model bike…This bike is mainly for mileage…60-65 km/l…125cc HeroHonda Glamour is also havin only 60 km/l…13.8 bhp z nt a bad power..other 150 bike are offering 14-14.5 bhp..

December 9th, 2008 @10:07 pm  


Yup. if mileage does matter, its a gud choice.. and the best contenter for this is unicer…
One more thing…u tolf FZ16 is delivering most power in 150cc class and dats absolutely wrong coz… its max power is 14bhp while Hunk has got 14.4….okie… And why couldnot you suggest Hunk in place of pulsar.. hmm

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 10th, 2008 @1:30 am  

@ vishnuec06

I haven’t driven FZ16. I said it gives better o/p , ‘coz I ‘ve read in some other blog as I mentioned b4…Lemme ask , do u own a Hunk or any other HeroHonda bike…? But ‘m sure abt 1 thing… FZ16 is better than Hunk when considering a ride on cities..Its a perfect street bike and hence named “Lord of Streets”..The wider tyre’s makes our confidence level higher ven v cum to tilt the vehicle…But ‘m doubted about the riding comfort on a long trip…The seating is not perfect for a long trip…I wud suggest Unicorn for a long trip than FZ16 or any HeroHonda (in 150 class)…

December 10th, 2008 @4:47 pm  

@ Karthik
Yeah, I own a hunk… FZ would get smoked out if its matched with hunk.. First of all its a very small bike.. eventhough its having a wider tyre n coz of dat, the road friction will b more n it cannot be over revved…And more over it copied hunks muscular look… okie…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 10th, 2008 @6:41 pm  

@ vishnuec06

How can u say FZ copied the muscular look of Hunk..? Nothin is der in FZ that matches with Hunk…FZ is havin its own unique style…

December 10th, 2008 @7:14 pm  

@ vishnu ece…
nope… the thing just said.. i cant agree with u… Ive driven both hunk and Fz…. FZ has better control than hunk.. better means way better than hunk…. and in heavy hands u can push the baby harder…. and the friction thing…. ohhh come on.. we r not dealing with any Grandprix machine dude…..that doesn’t matter…. anyways “ITS THE RIDER NOT THE RIDE ” …….
and as matter of fact… I’ve raced with a hunk….in my pulsar… and I’ve beaten the hell out hunk… that’s y i say… its not the ride its the rider that always matters…
(nothin to offend anyone…. and i can be wrong … its just my opinion… )

December 11th, 2008 @4:35 pm  

@ anish

utold u have beaten hunk in a race, might b the hunk’s driver was a small bouy.. I have beaten a pulsar 200 n apache 160 … both driven by good riders …Nothing can beat(except p220 n zma) hunks acceleration…okie.

December 11th, 2008 @9:23 pm  

p200 driven by a gud rider …??? r u sure ??? u dont know what that beast is capable of…Apache is just a kid… no need to consider tat one… but p200 it just pulls way like hell……..and u cant have better control in any of the bikes in tat class coz of tat 120 rear tyre and much advanced handle,,, huge disc brakes too… and zma and p220 nothing to say anything about them… GODS of Indian bikes…. and the thing is i wasn’t just boasting about my bike there… tats a true fact dude,… and im a bit heavy handed… i change gears @ 9000 rpm….. and i donno how but my bike did manage to pull tat race off !! hunk was just meters behind my bike……

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 11th, 2008 @9:50 pm  

Well I don’t know about Hunk…Have heard it has the same engine of CBZ…I ‘ve driven CBZ . Above 95 km/hr I felt like the all the engine parts are gonna be thrown away…Well 2 of ma frnds raced in CBZ and P150…Both of dem had driven both d bikes…At both these times P150 won. Of course may b ‘coz of the rider…But even the HeroHonda bike owners told me the bike shivers than a P150 above 100km/hr…Bt Hunk must have a refined engine… I dunno more abt that…

And I cannot beieve you beat RTR160 and P200 :o …where was the race held ..can u give more details…?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 11th, 2008 @10:55 pm  

@ vishnuec06

You must have raced wid P200 on a city road rather than on long straights. Circumstances might have favored you less traffics. Try a race on highways..

December 12th, 2008 @8:46 pm  

Yeah thats ryt… Race was on the Edappon-Pandalam road with p200…Its very hard to go beat a pulsar on straight roads, it can easily moove upto 120kmph, while hunk van manage with a maximum of 95-100.. I had beaten p200 coz of hunks acceleration itself.. In straight roads i couldnt get even get to a p200 i xperienced, but while negotiated curves,i cud easily manuevre n cud gain a couple of meteres ahead of p200… I hav also driven p200, and surely its an awsome machine, but both my hunks n pulsars power seemed to b same..thats what i experienced…
Today also i tried to mark 100 kmph with my bike, but seems imposible… And one more thing. one of my friend(Chind ,Mech sem 5) told he made a 120kmph mark with his cbz???? what can you say about that????

December 12th, 2008 @8:50 pm  

@ Anish

U told ryt u change gears at 9000rpm…Doesnt that affect the engine performance, if u alwaws do like dat. I havnt touched that mark yet now, maximum to 8500.. I marked a 100 kmph with hunk @8000 rpm.Was not able to pull much coz of traffic conditions…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 12th, 2008 @10:07 pm  

@ vishnuec06

If so , Chind is lucky enough to have that bike….If a Hunk only could mark 100 km/hr, hw cum a CBZ?..Do u believe dat ? He mite hav achieved that mark on a downhill road..No way CBZ above 110 ..
Pulsar is also havin good acceleration..Bt should service regularly..If nt it myte affect the engine performance. I dont think it wud affect a HeroHonda engine as such…

December 13th, 2008 @6:38 am  

@ vishnu
not always.. i just do tat when i have to race with some freaks…
it doesn’t affect engine performance if u service it regularly.. i agree with karthik.. pulsar needs servicing @ every 2500 k… tat will make the machine stable and give ,, consistent performance…. and for that cbz 120 kph.. i would say.. check his speedo calibration…. u can never touch 120 in a stock cbz….unless u have stuffs like k&n or a bored engine
or any performance improving techs ….
as i said b4 its always the rider… its where u change gears… a guy who knows when to change gears.. like at the optimum point will gain advantage.. may be the p 200 guy haven’t yet figured out his bike’s..optimum point….i still believe u can never beat a p200 with any of the bike other than 220 or zma

December 13th, 2008 @7:18 am  

u hav done a grt job chettan…u hav given a gud description abt this bike….

December 13th, 2008 @10:21 am  

Does the use of K & N Filter improves mileage along with the top speed???…
One more thing, Hunk’s speed is adjusted in order to increase the acceleration… if the top speed is increased, then the acceleration would decrease….

And finally.. can we do a wheelie or a rollin stop with a 150 cc bike????

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 13th, 2008 @11:10 am  

@ vishnuec06

Sure. A wheelie or a stoppie can be done with 150 cc bikes..chk youtube…Most of dem are done wid P150′s and CBZ’s….For a stoppie they says a front disc is necessary..

Doesnt know if we could improve mileage also using K&N filters..I think Anish has a solution for dis Que…

December 13th, 2008 @7:00 pm  

Any idea of how to do a wheelie…. Am tried alot on my bike, but i cant…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 13th, 2008 @7:57 pm  

In the Stoppie the body position plays a great role. You should keep your body centered over the bike and is the most significant aspect while performing a Stoppie. You must first get your body dead-center over the middle of the bike with your head straight, shoulders squared and arms stiff. Having your body off-center is what’s going to cause the back end to kick out once you get the back wheel up.

Don’t use any rear brake and don’t expect the rear brake to keep you from going over like it does

with wheelies.
Keep the bike in 1st gear, becoz you’ll want 2 accelerate once you come down to stabilize the bike keep stoppieing.

1. Basic Stoppie :

Once you’re on speed and your body properly positioned pull the clutch in and get on the brake.

Make the initial brake input pretty strong, about 80 percent of full braking pressure, then back off as the bike comes up. Weight transfer is also important aspst while performing a stopppie. At the same time you start braking, throw your body forward to move your weight out over the front wheel.

Starting from the middle of the seat, bring your shoulders up and slide up along the fuel tankuntil you’re off the seat just a little. When you move forward, make sure your body stays as straight as possible. Remember to keep your arms straight with elbows locked so your weight shift doesn’t unintentionally steer the bike one way or the other.

As the back end comes up, gradually let off the brake as you approach the balance point. As long as you’re on that brake hard, it’ll keep coming up. You know you’re near the balance point when you’re barely on the brake and that back wheel is floating–not going any higher or dropping any lower.

For basic stoppies, you don’t really have to think about steering–just keep your arms straight and you’ll keep rolling straight. It’s only when you start rolling them out really long that you have to worry about steering. The only difference between a 150-foot endo and, say, a 600-foot one is being able to steer it. Steering an endo is just like steering into a corner on two wheels–you have to countersteer. If the back end kicks to the right, push on the right bar and steer into it to pull the front wheel the same way the back end is going. The higher the bike is, the easier it is to steer.

For basic endos, just ride it out to a complete stop, let the back end fall, let out the clutch and ride away. You always want your body straight right up until the moment the tire touches the ground. Any time you move, you add a steering input to the front end. Don’t be too worried if the bike gets a little out of line–it can get eight to 10 degrees off and you can still ride it out without highsiding. Sometimes I’ll tap the rear brake just before the back end comes down. This stops the tire spinning and tightens the chain to keep it from slapping when it hits. It sounds better–a little style thing.

2. 180 Endo :

For doing a 180 Endo you need to know nicely how to steer. Instead of trying to steer the bike straight, intentionally add a steering input to bring the back end of the bike around, then control that input so it doesn’t come around too fast or too slow.

To launch a 180, get the bike up to the balance point with your body centered you don’t want to look for the balance point when the back end is already kicking around. The higher you are, the easier it is to steer and the smoother the back end comes around. Once you’re up, start the rotation by countersteering. It takes a major input on the handlebars to make the back end come around. To get it to crank–to move all that weight around–really takes some strength. You can’t just snap it around. Avoid the temptation to roll your body into the rotation–to maintain control over the bike, you really want to stay above the bike, on top of it at all times.

As the back end starts to come around, the bike will usually stall because you don’t have enough momentum behind it. More height is better here–at a lower height you need more speed to snap the bike around. One way to make it spin around faster is to use more brake. The 180 endo is probably the only endo where you need to increase–not decrease–brake pressure as the endo progresses. At the end of the rotation, you’re probably going to have to pull the brake back to that initial 80 percent to get it to come around. You’re always at a dead stop at the end of a 180.

3. One-Hander :

For “One handler” bring the bike up just like a normal endo, and once you get to the balance point let go of the handlebar with your left hand. It’s almost that easy. The key here is to keep your right arm extra stiff to make sure the bike doesn’t drift either way when you let your left hand off. When you remove your left hand, make absolutely sure your right hand is not going to move. You don’t want to have your right arm half-bent when you throw your left arm off.

Supporting your body weight with your legs is important because you can’t really use your upper body to hold yourself on the bike with only one arm. To make this work, get all your weight up on the tank (get your package out of the way first!) and jam your knees into the tank cutout to hold you up so you don’t have to press on the bars.

You throw the bike in neutral before pulling a one-hander–that way the back end won’t come down when you let off the clutch.

Stoppie SetUp :

Setting Up your byke and your self for the stoppie. The factory settings should work fine.Just make sure you have enough preload and compression damping so you aren’t at the end of the travel when you’re up on the endo–if you bottom out the fork when you’re up on the front wheel, you’re going over. Run around 25 psi in the front tire to give a little more surface area and help it hook up better. Steel-braided brake lines are a must, and you can get the feel from Ferodo brake pads, street compound. Check the brake-mounting hardware all the time–especially if you’re getting good and coming in really fast, or doing a lot of stoppies. You may have the caliper fixing bolts and the bolt that holds the caliper together loosen up. So check everything. You may like to turn my handlebars out a bit–a wider stance gives more leverage and makes the stoppie a bit easier to steer. And always always run a steering damper, turned way up. A tank-slapper when you’re up on one wheel is bad news.

Getting Started :

Most people think the best way to learn how to do endos is baby stoppies–you know, roll in at five mph, jam on the front brake and try not to get thrown off when the back end shoots skyward.

These are so dangerous–you grab all the brake at once, causing the fork to dive too fast and the rear end to rebound and kick up, and it’s easy to lose the front end or flip over when you hit the bottom of the suspension travel.

A better way is to come into your practice area fast and then slowly, smoothly grab more brake.

When you feel the brake pads starting to bite, throw your weight up a little and grab just a bit more brake. If you do this methodically, you’ll soon float the back wheel a few feet and everything will be smooth–none of the sharp, abrupt braking or suspension loading that will cause the front wheel to wash out or the suspension to bottom. When it feels like you’re getting up too high, let off the brake slowly and you’ll be back on the ground. When you’re new at it, anything more than two feet will make you say, “Oh my god, I’m going to flip over.” But that’s the best way to learn, and if you take it slow and increase your brake pressure incrementally as your comfort level increases, you’ll be floating at the balance point in no time.

There are theories on correcting stoppies gone bad, but when you’re really at the balance point and you feel like you’re going over, there’s not much you can do to save it. It’s not like a wheelie, where you can just tap the back brake or chop the throttle and bring it back down. With most stoppies, you’ve got the bike in gear and the clutch pulled in. In theory, you should be able to just dump the clutch and hit the gas, and the gyroscopic force of the rear wheel spinning will actually pull the bike back down. But when you’re way up and it’s going over, the balance point for a stoppie is so fine and there’s so much momentum carrying the bike forward that by the time you realize you’ve crossed over, it’s too late–you’re going off the bike. Well, as they say, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

December 13th, 2008 @9:18 pm  

@vishnu ece…
basically there r two types of wheelies clutch wheelie and power wheelie.. power wheelie can only be done on high powered bikes… clutch wheelie is done by raisin the engine holding the clutch and releasing it all on a sudden to raise the front end and carrying on the boost by adjusting the weight… simply balancing our body to hold it up……i wld say…do it on a friends bike…. if u lose control…u will have to pay a lot for getting it repaired.. heheheh it needs a lot of practice….
and i haven’t dared to try Wheeling… coz i still need my mom to pay my bills…..

put Ur feet on Ur back footrest and pump ur front shock …when it rises up keep on pulling it and raise the engine…. it will do wheelie… easy to say but hard to figure out the exact balance ….. needs a lot of practice….

about k&n… it does not improve mileage… its improves power its actually powered air filter which forcefully injects air into the engine… just like a turbo charger its improves power there by more acceleration and better top speed…..

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 14th, 2008 @6:23 am  

One of the biggest disadvantages of an Indian bike is the lack of low end torque.
Low end torque is very much helpful for a beginner to learn wheelie.
So to make things lil easier we need to “clutch” the bike for wheelie.
Clutching is by far the best way to get wheelies up, regardless of whether the bike has enough power to power it up. But it is the only way to bring an Indian bike up. It does wear out clutch plates a little faster than normal. There are many advantages to clutching wheelies vs. powering wheelies.
1. It allows you to wheelie bikes that don’t have enough power to power it up.
2. You can wheelie at lower rpm’s, and therefore slower speeds. This allows beginners to keep a wheelie up longer, with out being at the balance point.
3. The launch is more predictable. When powering a wheelie up, the front end comes up relatively slow. Then when the front end is about 3 feet off the ground, the front end jumps up very fast under full throttle, making for a scary and unpredictable launch. When clutching up wheelies right, the front jumps up close to the balance point. From there you just play with the throttle to fine adjust the height. After a little practice, clutching becomes very predictable and not frightening at all

How to clutch wheelies
There are a couple methods for clutching wheelies. I prefer the second one.
Method 1: First accelerate with the clutch engaged. Then, with the throttle still opened, pull in the clutch with one finger, to the point where the clutch disengages. With the engine still under throttle, quickly let the clutch back out as the rpm is rising.
Method 2: Close the throttle, and then pull the clutch in all the way, with one finger. Then twist the throttle and dump the clutch.
When learning to clutch, only rev up the engine a little bit at first before letting out the clutch. This will give you the feel for clutching. Then gradually increase the rpm’s before dumping the clutch, until the front end jumps up close to the balance point.(contd..)

Reduce the throttle as the front end comes up to the balance point. If it comes up too far, gently push the rear brake to bring the bike back forward. When clutching second and third gear wheelies, the bike may need extra help, depending on what bike it is. If clutching alone doesn’t get the wheelie up, then bounce at the same time. This is done by pushing down on the bike (with your arms and legs) at the same time you open the throttle, and then leaning back slightly when dropping the clutch..
Always wear a HELMET and protective gears.

December 14th, 2008 @10:03 am  

thanksss karthik chetta!! for the information about this new bike!!!

December 25th, 2008 @11:33 pm  

What is the on road price in Kerala ?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 27th, 2008 @6:51 pm  

Ex-showroom price @ Delhi is 59,000 …

December 30th, 2008 @4:55 pm  

I am planning to buy a new bike. But I am confused. Which one should I buy..At present I like Enfield Bullet, Pulsar 200 and FZ 16..
I need everyone’s suggestion..

December 31st, 2008 @8:28 am  

to be honest I dont like this bike..The looks is not good..But 6 gears is interesting…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
December 31st, 2008 @3:16 pm  

Y did u opt Bullet, FZ and P200…? :0
What do u find common in these bikes ?

If you are planning to buy a P200, just w8 4 sumtym…,’coz P200 is coming with Fi engine soon…:D

I don’t feel that bad by the looks of this byk..’coz of the tank design. As discussed earlier it doesnot have a muscular look.. :x

January 1st, 2009 @9:48 am  

I opted the three because all the three are around Rs. 70000-75000. P200 is a bit more…

P200Fi? Nice, but I don’t go for a P200Fi, ‘coz it will be priced higher…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 1st, 2009 @2:18 pm  

Oh, so dat was the reason for selecting those bykz…Money
Well but these differ entirely in their performance..

FZ16 is a perfect street byk..Its designed to run on traffic roads. It doesnot have enough power..Highway rides will get tougher wid ur hands on FZ..

For a better drive on highways Bullet is d best..but on traffic conditions it will test ur patience ..

P200 hav both power and can be driven in cities like an FZ, but FZ is much lighter which vil b more reliable than P200..

But seating position of Bullet is better than that of P200..hence better comfort on highways

On concluding I wud say P200 is an average of Bullet and FZ
hi hi ;)

January 4th, 2009 @9:02 am  

Thank u . If any more doubt I will still cum back and post here…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 4th, 2009 @2:38 pm  

Sure…Did you chose ur byk ?

January 5th, 2009 @11:15 pm  

hellooooooo its vry intrstn n fascinatn topic…
thnx for ur infrmtns……..!!

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 5th, 2009 @11:37 pm  

Welcum Riju

January 6th, 2009 @12:13 am  

Karthik, itz an interesting one.

I have a question………..”Is this bike is suitable in our college premises roads?

January 6th, 2009 @9:32 am  

@ Karthik

Most probably a Bullet..looking for long rides

January 6th, 2009 @6:01 pm  

No any bike in this world suits our college primises road…only a HUMMER will

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 7th, 2009 @12:17 am  


Though Deepshs answer sounds funny, I think he is true..
A Hummer , at least a H3 , can only manage Pattoor road..

Enfield can be driven. It doesnt give dat trouble as a sport byk gives..But as YAMAHA FZ16 is a street bike, which has wider tyres, I think it will be sum what suitable.

January 14th, 2009 @10:14 pm  

can any one tell me what is the use of filling nitrogen in tyres?
can i do so in an Enfield????

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karthik ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 15th, 2009 @5:07 pm  

It makes d bike 2 be so smooth wid dese N2 filled tyres….
even its happy that air shud b checked once in 5 months

January 15th, 2009 @7:41 pm  

But such stations sre feeble in Kerala..So I should be visiting either EKM or TVM once in a while…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 15th, 2009 @11:38 pm  

As said earlier tyre pressure needed 2 b chkd only 1ce in 5 doesnt mind goyn 2 EKM or TVM

or else don’t wry . if u can’t find fellows to fill tyres with N2, just go to an Automotive A/C mechanic or repair shop… in fact all car service stations will have a N2 kit to check for A/C compressor fluid leaks.
now how u make his nozzle fit on d tire’s nozzle will be ur project ;)

January 16th, 2009 @10:59 am  

U said wid nitrogen filled tyres, it wud b smooth to ride..i cant actually get it..u mean the bike wont shiver, or wat else ?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 16th, 2009 @3:02 pm  

Hey,you must have a ride and feel the difference.. d main purpose of fillin N2 in ur tyre is dat…it keeps tyres temperature low…so even u drive ur bike at 100KMph nitrogen oppose to increasing in heat n keeps ur tyre temp low…and this is good 4 ur tyre life :D

January 17th, 2009 @3:13 pm  

How to ride a bike for the first 500/1000kms for the engine to set nicely? :O

Hey, its written in the owners manual
1) first 500 kms rpm should be maintained below 4.5 k
2) 500 to 1000 kms rpm should be maintained below 6 k

January 17th, 2009 @8:08 pm  

is dat enough for a bike to be perfect ? I mean any future precautions to be taken ?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 17th, 2009 @9:58 pm  

1) Use simple unleaded petrol , thereby increasing engine life .
2) Its not the speed which is to be limited , its actually the engine speed (rpm)
So as said before keep rpm below 4 k for all gears .
3) well , you can shift to next gear when your rpm is between 3.5 k to 4 k and shift to
previous gear when your rpm falls below 2.5 k and/or around 2 k .(this for new bike
and for pleasure ride) . remember speed won’t harm but rpm will . like if you are going upto 9 k rpm in the 1 st gear and speed is below 50 , its definetly not good for new
Also do not downshift more than once at a time like say from 5 th to 1 st . Shift one by one
leave the clutch fully after every shift and shift at proper rpm .

I think this is what you asked for .

January 18th, 2009 @9:07 am  

i m newbie in RE bikes always wanted one… anyways i’ve got 2 offers one is for 350 std 1984 model for 28500/- and one 500 std 1994 model for 40000/- are the prices right??? … please make ur suggestions

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 18th, 2009 @11:05 am  

both bike are good… but i wud suggest for 1984 model since its 350 std bull n will give you nice response. but the price is pretty high, try bargaining for 20-23k if it seems tat d bike doesn’t require much of outer work. just ride the bike once n let the handle bar an see if the bike pulls towards one side. if yes , then don go for it since there will be chassis prob n will put you under trouble. rest is fine wid this bike..

Coming to 500 cc, its great bike but for starter like you its not suitable since you’ll feel the crunch for your money wen it consumes fuel more. moreover, it shd be regularly checked for floss. 500 cc price is not dat pretty fair u can bargain 4-8 k less.

anywhz go for wat yo heart says…

January 18th, 2009 @6:07 pm  

For a bullet 350 std, what types of alloys I have to go for & which to go for ….

i know many will u suggest me to go with original rims , but i want a change for a while and then i will again go back to my rims

and please suggest me some company names also…

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 18th, 2009 @7:59 pm  

der are 2 – spoke covered alloys , 2-spoke opening alloys , 3-spoke covered alloys or 3 spoke opening alloys.

Rado is one of d best product. Whichever company you choose all you have to mind is that the alloys should not be Chinese… thats all!

January 18th, 2009 @9:52 pm  

I am planning to buy a RE bike. What do you all prefer. TB or Machismo?
I asked many but didnt get any proper answer, since guys here are well versed in bikes hope any of you can help me in choosing the right bike.
All i am looking for is a bike which can be used for a long time…..

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 19th, 2009 @6:57 am  

It totally depends on what you are looking for? If you wanna bike for cruising and mileage go for TBTS and if you want original Bullet looks and lot of chrome then gor for Machismo. Both are fantastic bike….

But still i’ll say.. go for Machismo 500 cc (out of TBTS and Machismo)!!

thunderbird probably is the one that has tread the farthest from the bullet league., it’s looks weird and does.t really give you the ‘bullet’ (british bike look) effect, machismo on the other hand is a very powerful bike, cause of it’s cast iron engine and all, more than the bullet electra’s and all…, so machismo is a fare better in my opinion.,

it only depends on what u r looking 4
if u want lot of chrome & thump go 4 machismo
if u want cruiser looks with good mileage go 4 TBTS
both r good & long lasting

well bro if u r talking about for long time go for bullet std 350

don’t get confused
just go with ur preferences.
all the best 4 ur decision….

January 19th, 2009 @7:29 am  

Let me know what exactly is Teflon coating? Should i do i for my bull?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 19th, 2009 @8:27 am  

Teflon is actually a kind of plastic, which is one of the most slippery material on planet. Its purpose on bullet paint is to keep it intact, keep is scratch less, keep its original color for a longer time . to see the difference test it for 2 year +. u will see the result. but having only the gloss on paint in mind is wrong criteria to judge teflon.
If you want a shining appearance in your bike then just apply a wax polish on your bike..Its cheaper..Bu the main purpose of Teflon coating is that is protects then applied parts from rusts..

January 19th, 2009 @12:24 pm  

what will be the price of k&n air filters?
will it reduce milege?

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 19th, 2009 @2:17 pm  

Actually two types r ther…one for 1.6k n other 2.4k…. Speaking k and n filter will increase ur bike’s mileage . . . But its not good for the engine too run lean . . . It’ll loose performance and it’ll over heat the engine in time frying ur piston rings and oil seals . . . . In order to make the motor run normally u should reset the carb to meet the new air fuel ratio i.e 14:1 .i.e, air and fuel respectively . . . This makes the engine run normally and will give out more juice from the engine .with out over heating . . .
If the air filter is not set up properly small dust particles may go in to the carb and in to the engine . . . Causing small scores on the piston which will raise the oil up to the head and clog . . Thats y prolonged use of k and n filter on some bikes give out black smoke. . its because of the oil getting burnt up in the head . . . U’ll loose performance. . .

January 19th, 2009 @4:20 pm  

whatz ur opinon of FZ?

Hey just wanted to answer to your question about FZ16. But i want to check with you before telling about the bike. Are you looking for biking or Long drives or only stunts or ???

Here is my answer about…..

FZ16 is cool bike which has launched recently in the Indian market with all latest technology. In this we have mono suspension (Not the one like Unicorn, it’s better than that), Front shocks are really damn good man (u can use for stoppies), coming to rear tyre is the main attraction of the bike (Lots and lots of road grip), for long drives though the seating is comfortable and i don’t it’s good for long drives. Did you people notice about that bike or not, but i did it have. A tale lamp just below the head light in front where it focuses in front of Tyre (It would be useful for the people who go for long drives and travel in the night) and last but not least it have the gravity to the center of the bike.

All above are pros and here are the cons about the same….

Initial pick is damn good man, i have not seen such bike in 150 CC segment, here only one thing is there where we can say it as a con. when we touching a top speed of more than 105 kmph, it gives you different sound from the silencer which I didn’t like it. And another con is dat it’s not having better power comparing to other 150s.

But apart from 2 con, rest all is good man. Hah sorry i forgot about one more con is about the price it’s more than rest of the bikes and i think the technology they have introduced in the bike would deserved that price.

But even though it’s only your decision matters about the bike which you purchase….

January 19th, 2009 @8:11 pm  

can ne 1 suggest me a gud n loud horn 4 my bull …the company fitted 1 is not gud…..

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ ʞɐɹʇɥ?ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
January 19th, 2009 @9:57 pm  

There are many good brands roots, minda, hella, Bosch..

Roots horn comes as a dual pack for Rs.420-500 (varies in certain states)
These are normal horns and have good life..

Loud ones will be Bosch FC4 dual horn. These are some where near 500 Rs. These are pretty loud.

HELLA is another product.
There are many variants in them, just chose what u need.

You can even try a FIAMM twin horn(skoda horns)…….
every1 vil give way 4 you after fitting tat!!!!hehe ;)

u must put a relay xtra……..

January 20th, 2009 @2:40 pm  

Suzuki gs150r got the smoothest engine and gear box in 150cc segment.

January 29th, 2009 @6:45 pm  

guys i wanna to bye a bike, i have options- suzuki GS150R newly launched, unicorn,hunk,fz, new cbz- my refrence is more for the smoothness of bike rather then its power, and than omes the avg.,so plz help me to choose a bike and why?

Well, taking your demands into consideration I wud suggest a Unicorn or GS150R..Though Unicorns first model had no enough mileage, the latest one gives pretty good mileage..Sumone gets 60 km/l. But you can expect a 50-55 km/l..Thats what average Unicorn gives..But GS150R will give a 60-65 km/l with 6 gears in it..The thing is you have to ride it on 6th gear in good rpm i.e, 4-6 rpm( at this rpm in 6th gear your speed might be 60-80 kmph)…Or else if any traffic conditions, it will give you a standard 150cc mileage…Even the engine is smooth like Unicorn (thats what my friend says)…

Pulsar is also havin good mileage (same as that of Unicorn..). But ‘m doubted about its comfort on long drives…But the handlebar of Pulsar is unmatchable with any other 150s or even HeroHonda Karizma..Pulsar’s handlebar makes that bike stable and good comfort if you travel on terrain type areas. I mean try to change the handlebar to Pulsar.( Even if for Unicorn or HeroHonda).

HeroHonda bikes are good..But don’t expect mileage..even the 150s give only 40-50 km/l…And even the riding comfort is also not that good as of Unicorn….One thing you find interesting about this byk is that, it will give you a good resale value if you try to sell it (much better than any other bikes in India)…

FZ 16 , a pretty good bike..Expect a mileage 45-55 km/l…But doubted about comfort on long drives, cuz its designed to ride on streets and thus named as “Lord of Streets” . Though its wider tyres gives you comfort while driving on terrain ….

On concluding, I wud suggest a Unicorn or GS150R (with a Pulsar handlebar..i think it costs roughly around 200-300 bucks..)…

Anjali Krishna
February 13th, 2009 @1:59 pm  

very gud..

February 26th, 2009 @12:38 am  

some days before i saw Honda Unicorn and had ride on this…it was a smooth ride…can anybody let me know which bike i should go for Unicorn or Suzuki gs150r…i am travelling around 80 kms daily so obviously i need maileage too but should not be lesser or more than 150 cc coz power matters too

Well, Unicorn is a gud byk… Since GS150R have only a test ride result ( and no practical ride report), I wud suggest a Unicorn itself.. But if you are talking about power and mileage, go for a Suzuki GS150R. Cuz its havin 6 gears.. It will give a 55-65 km/l mileage.. Test ride reports are it has a smooth engine like Unicorn..

With a 5000 rpm in a Unicorn, you cud reach approx. 60-70 km/h
With a 5000 rpm in a GS150R, you cud reach approx. 75-85 km/h

It wud be better to implement a Bajaj Pulsar’s handlebar, even if your selection is either Unicorn or GS150R…This wud make your byk stable than the company handlebar..

March 8th, 2009 @8:45 am  

Hey Karthik,
Have you ridden GS. I own one. It has a short-ratio gearbox and doesn’t go 75-85 kmph at 5000 rpm in 6th gear. Product wise it is very good but I’m still in the run-in period so couldn’t test the performance aspect of my bike.
Since the tank is very huge and high compared to the competition, I doesn’t make any sense to go for a Pulsar handle bar. It becomes very difficult as the tank brushes with rider’s body with such low handlebars.

My friend while a test ride got that speed…If not , wud you mind what speed you achieve at 5000 rpm in 6th gear ?
I haven’t driven that byk..Bt infact u r ryt. Its havin gud height compared to other 150′s. But r u sure that the Pulsar’s handle wud crush on the tank in a large scale…? I have seen many of them fixed on Unicorn, CBZ etc…It brushes the tank, but only in a small scale. I think its same in the case in GS150R.

I know u haven’t yet tested its performance. But so far how do you feel…?

March 13th, 2009 @11:50 am  

So far it has been very good. Performance, refinement are very good. Mileage too is very good. It used to give me 50-58 during initial 150 kms. After that I began accelerating hard (only till 4500 rpm) at traffic signals. So, it is hovering around 45 kms. I’m sure it’ll give upwards of 50 kmpl after 1st service.

Thanks Vikas for ur feedback…

Have you ever driven an Unicorn (latest)..?
If yes, how wud you distinguish both byk …

March 14th, 2009 @10:56 pm  

Hi Karthik,

Looking to buy a bike this month….thought of buying pulsor 180cc but after i saw the new add abt suzuki 150cc i am in a dilemma to buy any of them ….please suggest…

Well mentioning about the price, I would say both bikes costs almost equal bucks…Even the P150 and P180 has only something around Rs.1000-2000 price difference (in Kerala)..Anyway P180 and Suzuki GS150R doesn’t costs much difference in price…

Both P180 and Suzuki GS150R differs in their own ways..P180 delivers 16.5bhp where as GS150R delivers 13.8bhp. But P180 has got only 5 gears only ver as GS has got 6 gears.. This gives a good mileage for GS150R..GS150 gives 50-60 km/l ver as P180 gives an average of 35-45 km/l..(In fact one of ma friend who drives his P180 not more than 5000 rpm is gettin 49km/l…It depends on how you handle ur beast)..

I suggest Suzuki GS150R as d best choice.. The engine is so smooth.. I hope it will give you both d power and mileage you need..

March 20th, 2009 @2:09 am  

Hi Karthik,
I haven’t driven the latest Unicorn. My friend has a 2006 model (with spokes) and I’ve been driving it occasionally since 2+ years. The engine hasn’t received any upgrade till now.
As far as the comparison is considered, both Unicorn and GS are same in many aspects. Frankly saying I’d have bought Unicorn had its waiting period been not so long (45-60 days in Hyd), offered goodies like digital speedo and stying been good . Uni’s engine is “smoothness redefined” but GS’s comes closer. GS looks very handsome, seating is very comfortable, gives marginally better mileage than Uni. I love that “big bike” feel my GS gives me (may be because of big fuel tank) and enjoy the exclusivity in Hyderabad streets.
@manjunath… go for this bike. I bet you won’t regret your decision. :)

Thanks a lottt Vikas, and I hope manjunath has got everythin to take a decision …

Jas Arora
March 21st, 2009 @10:25 pm  

Do anybody now, Is there any differece between old and the new Unicorn. I guess only looks is different?

@ Jas Arora

No, not at all. There are many differences (other than looks) between first and latest Unicorn. First Unicorn didn’t give us enough mileage. But the latest one gives better in its class mileage. First Unicorn had a major problem; over 100kmph the acceleration would get cut off (more than 80% of the first model bike had this problem). And it was not any sort of safety measure implemented by Honda. But the latest Unicorn is rectified from this problem. As such there were many difference between 1st and latest Unicorn..

If you are planning to buy a 2nd hand Wing rider (Unicorn), go for the one having company spoke/alloy wheels. Thats the best way you can identify the rectified model Unicorn.

yamaha service manual
March 30th, 2009 @3:14 am  

Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence :)

April 9th, 2009 @5:32 pm  

I have a 6 year old pulsar(black) dtsi clocked 31000km,It give me 55kmpl ,After test ride GSR150 i decided to sell my pulsar and buy GSR 150,what about the spare parts cost of GSR150 and it’s maintenance schedule? For pulsar change oil at every 2500 to3000km and service every 5000km….What is the problem with GSR150 handle? How is the head light power compared to pulsar…? Orage or black color better in looks?


Spare parts cost will be higher than a Pulsar, but they wud be of better quality…Oil change and service will be same as that of other bykz..i think Vikas can answer to this… And der z no prob wid GS handle. I just mentioned Pulsars handle is a bit heavier (and hence more stable) than others..And about headlamp provides a lamp of 35W,..its enough..but if you feel its not, then OSRAM H4 55/60 watt halogen bulb, 65.00 Rs ( varies in different areas ), will satisfy ur need…

Murali Kumar
June 19th, 2009 @7:15 pm  

Hi all,

I am planning to buy this bike by this month end. It looks are better than unicorn and can be matchable to any bike in its class. And the engine is also butter smooth and you wont feel any sound even after 85 kmph. Its really a welcome model form Suzuki… Keep it up. cheers.

July 9th, 2009 @11:10 pm  

Hi all,
I have purchased this bike before 15 days and have drove it 650 kms, so far the experience had been nice and really fantastic..! I have got a mileage of 65 kmpl in city and highway driving and around 57 to 60 in city driving ( that too in a very croudy part in my city)..I daily drive over 30 km and believe the experience is all new everytime I drive this bike…First service is due in few days… and as expected the bike would be more smoother (as it is already now)…This bike has changed whole scenario of the commuter biking in India..I feel like Iam driving some jet …it talks with air in just few seconds….The gearbox and engine are ultra smoother and the overall height of bike is superb compared to other bikes in same range (i.e. of 150cc)…..I feel suzuki peoples are very committed to their customers..They give what they are meant for..Overall engineering of bike is mindblowing, everything is in their place…They have shut mouth of Bajaj, Honda, Hero Honda and Yamaha..
I bet, you would not compromise on any of the thing….Its 100% value for money……

I request you people to take test drive of this bike before finalising on any other bike..You would surely find the difference…!!

Thats it…Chaoo…!!



nice to hear dat Rimmy…
U had tuk a gud decision. I have not heard any demerits abt dis beast from any of d GS owners…
Anyway tnx Rimmy, n all d best

July 18th, 2009 @12:19 pm  

hi.. karthik..
i nevr knew dat u wer doin’ dis two wheeler thin’s aroud here… by d way d info abt stoppies was a good one…. especially abt 180stoppie…. evn if m used to doin stoppies i hav nevr done a 180….
by d way if u r gonna buy a suzuki bike .. may b u shud wait sm time… coz d suzuki bikes are knwn for der engines gettin all messed up in a couple of years…

July 19th, 2009 @8:01 pm  

hei. guys did anybody chekkd on d new yamaha “fazer i50″….. ?
ya.. it seems to b an fz16 wid a pretty gud fairing… may b its a bettr choice to buy d fazer dan an fz….

@ ha6i

Suzuki’s engine is smoother, not exactly lyk Unicorn but almost similar to dat … I don’t think it wud get messed up …

Well , Fazer 150 has same specifcns as dat of an FZ … I dont think going for dat is a gud decision … Lookwise also i didnt like Fazer, FZ is better than that (my opinion)

August 10th, 2009 @6:40 pm  


i m planing to buy a bike but m dam confusd which to buy FZ16,fazer,unicorn.gs150r.pulsar150.. can u guys please help me …?? please tell me which is the best bike in its class(150cc) even i want a better milage n gud pik up n power….please sugest me guys whch is d best in everythng like bhp etc etc n all d above thngs please
thank you….

Jas Arora
August 12th, 2009 @11:40 pm  


You know what I was in the same dilema to choose between my two picks Unicorn and GS but now am out of this. Finally I have decided to buy Suzuki GS. I found Unicorn’s engine butter smooth and it is really like a rocket with a mileage of around 50-55 kmph. Unicorn’s engine sound is superb (actully there is no sound in the engine) but I decided to go for GS because GS having these features which Unicorn doesn’t have i.e. 1) Ultimate type of Console which is having Speed indication, Gear indication, fuel indication and more (i know this much only) 2) 6 gear—which i guess will surely help to get good mileage 3) LED tail lemp and that’s with an extra around 2-3 k bucks but before you decide among all just go for a test ride of Unicorn and GS. probably you will find Unicorn best.

Can anybody help us to know about Eco and Power mode in the console please.

August 15th, 2009 @12:46 pm  



tanx a lot for all d details so ur vote is 4 gs..ok n how much does gs gves u milage

Jas Arora
August 18th, 2009 @11:33 pm  

I had not bought it but am going to buy this Sunday only. Mileage I had checked in many reviews, it should be 55-62. I’ll let you know after completing a week’s journey. My daily up down is around 80 kms.

August 24th, 2009 @12:32 pm  

If you are looking for power and instant pickup, good looks, and decent mileage of 40-45, go for an Apache 160/180 or go for Pulsar 150/180 or CBZx. You need to bend a little to ride these bikes. The Apache is more Sporty and lighter and easy to handle. The pulsar and Cbz are bulky and muscular. The Apache and Pulsars come with digital gagets and rear disc brake, rear gas-charged shocks, etc, but both engines are not very smooth. The CBZx DOES NOT HAVE a gas-charged rear shock absorber nor digital gagets. So, the Apache and Pulsar are definitely more bang for the buck than CBZx.

If you are looking for smooth ride, good mileage of 50-55, commuter/executive/family bike, then chose either the Unicorn or Suzuki GS150. Good for executives. Both bike have good gradual power, but dont expect instant pickup like Apache or Pulsar in these bikes. Unicorn lacks digtal gagets, but has OLD-TECHNOLOGY MONOSHOCK without linkage. Suzuki GS150 has digital gagets, 6 gears, engine balancer, etc, but lacks monoshock. I feel Suzuki GS150 is currently more value for money than Unicorn. Suzuki should bring out another GS150 without digital speedo and reduce the price :-)

If style is the only thing that matters, then go for the overpriced yamahas, either Fz16, Fazer, or R15. R15 is only 150 cc bike with linkage monoshock, but its for sporty riding only and very expensive. The fz and fazer only look good, but lack pickup and give less mileage of 35-40. Frankly, the Yamahas are very overpriced.

Just choose a bike that meets your requirements.

@ Pratik

Well, anyways I think dont go for YAMAHAs … Neither it gives the mileage nor the power (am talkin abt FZ and FAZER)

Well Unicorn, GS, P150 are good choices … Unicorn has a smooth engine and gives gud mileage too .. But GS guarantees more mileage (cuz of its gearbox with 6 gears) …P150 is also a good choice, but if u r planning for a P150, i think it wud be better to go for P180. Cuz P180 has more additional features than 150 (mainly the swing arm is dat of 220 + two piece handle, split seat etc..)..

Well if u r lookin for power, then Hero Honda HUNK is havin the best in its class(150cc) power.. It has 14.4bhp whereas the other bikes have only 13-14 bhp… But most probably HeroHonda wont give you gud mileage …

On concluding I think its better to go for GS or Unicorn :)

@ Jas Arora

SUB : Eco and Power mode in GS150R

Once the power mode is opted, GS150R starts behaving a racing animal and the eco mode let’s you to conserve fuel. Eco and power modes of GS150R functions to cater to wide range of speeds and riding conditions.

Jas Arora
August 31st, 2009 @11:48 pm  

Is it true, I have heard these two modes are for indication purpose only. Once you select Eco mode it indicates when you go beyond eco mode where you know if you cross the rpm more fuel will be consumed. If you opt power mode it won’t show you indication upto atleast 5000 rpm. But it has nothing to do with Engine at all.

Jas Arora
August 31st, 2009 @11:53 pm  

Is it really true Kartik? because what i have heard about ECO and Power mode is, If eco mode is selected once you cross 4200 rpm white indicator start blinking which means if you continue driving at this rpm fuel will not saved. Whereas in Power mode even if you cross 5k rpm it won’t warn you. So i think it has nothing to do with fuel saving unless you follow indication from the white light.
I actually bought one and it’s been a week now. whenever white light blinks i assume i need to change gear or slow down so it won’t go beyond the blinker set rpm.

@ Jas Arora

Hi Jas,
u r ryt.. I clarified it wid ma frnd (he owns 1).. It has nothing to do wid d engine …. But he says, the indication doesn’t show even after crossing 5k while on the power mode … Have you experienced any indication when u ver on the power mode ?

Satheesh, Delhi
September 15th, 2009 @9:24 am  

Dear Bike lovers, I’m here to share few observations on my Suzuki GS150R which help for new bikers to opt and here is the review. Yes this is suitable to Excecutives, Family, Commutters, Office goers may be for some college students.
Here is the positive (+)
> Look and Design which will suit for all class (I’m married my wife wont like student class bike since the seat rear is not appropriate) This will suit for all.
> Bulky (Macho Fuel Tank) capacity of 15 ltrs and fuel indicator
> State of Art Tachometer with 3 stage Trip meter- ODO, Trip A&B, Chromeplated RPM meter, Digital Time Display which helps to see time for office commuters.
> Balanced weight (150CC and kerb wg 150 kg) ideal like enfield
>Six Speed Gear, 1 down and rest up and 13.8 Bhp
> No jerk even in 4-6 gears with speed low as 35 kms and feather touch gear which gives unique silky drive
> Powerful Head beam and integrated LED rear lighting including turn indicator, gives ideal safe driving for Delhi and other parts north India due to Fog/Smog weather conditions.
> Good performance in Highways with good balance, its ture their slogan Drive me crazy…..
> Minimum noise while driving and gives silky drive
> Good Braking technology, smooth front disc barke on left side which is unique from other bikes.
>Rear Gas Shocks with 6 stage adjustable positions
> And Finally world class Suzuki engine with State of Art technology for Indian roads
Negative Aspects (-)
? Handle is hard and feel strain after long drive, perhaps this may due to new bike and need time to settle down (somebody can give expertise guidance)
? Cannot able to turn withn short radius
? Drowsy kickstart, need every time to pull out kicker with hands
? Manual Choke, need to position back manually before ride
? Shocks sets for Highway drive and feels on horseback when you drive rough Indian roads locally, perhaps we may need to set 6 stage adjustable schock positions, come out from factory in 3rd stage.
? Come without tubeless tyres (Perhaps life span of tubeless tyres are shorter than regular ones)
Milage – Before 1st Service in Delhi roads around 52-56 Kmpl, wait for update after 1st service.

Jas Arora
September 16th, 2009 @11:13 pm  

No I did not find any indication while on Power mode but I am not sure if I have crossed 5k RPM but I guess It would have crossed because I drove my bike @the speed of 82 KMS maximum but there was no indication or I might have noticed.

@ Satheesh

ur feedback on dat beast was just owsome ..Really helpful post.
After 1st service most of the owners have achieved 60+ mileage ….

Anyway waiting for ur feedback on dat :)

@ Jas Arora

Tnx Jas. Yup, in Power mode it wont show any indication even if the rpm is above 5000 …

September 18th, 2009 @10:52 pm  

If you are looking for power and instant pickup, good looks, and decent mileage of 40-45, go for an Apache 160/180 or go for Pulsar 150/180 or CBZx. You need to bend a little to ride these bikes. The Apache is more Sporty and lighter and easy to handle. The pulsar and Cbz are bulky and muscular. The Apache and Pulsars come with digital gagets and rear disc brake, rear gas-charged shocks, etc, but both engines are not very smooth. The CBZx DOES NOT HAVE a gas-charged rear shock absorber nor digital gagets, and you also need to fold the footrest to use kickstart. So, the Apache and Pulsar are definitely more bang for the buck than CBZx.

If you are looking for smooth ride, good mileage of 50-55, commuter/executive/family bike, then chose either the Unicorn or Suzuki GS150. Good for executives. Both bike have good gradual power, but dont expect instant pickup like Apache or Pulsar in these bikes. Unicorn lacks digtal gagets, but has OLD-TECHNOLOGY MONOSHOCK without linkage. Suzuki GS150 has digital gagets, 6 gears, engine balancer, etc, but lacks monoshock. I feel Suzuki GS150 is currently more value for money than Unicorn. Suzuki should bring out another GS150 without digital speedo and reduce the price

If style is the only thing that matters, then go for the overpriced yamahas, either Fz16, Fazer, or R15. R15 is only 150 cc bike WITH LINKAGE MONOSHOCK, but R15 is for sporty riding only and very very expensive. The fz and fazer only look good, but lack pickup and give less mileage of 35-40. Frankly, the Yamahas are very OVERPRICED.

Just choose a bike that meets your requirements.

@ antony

First of all tnx 4 ur valuble suggestion

But you didnt mention abt the HUNK. I think its d only bike in 150cc class with 14+ bhp…

You said Apache or Pulsar is better than CBZ, and u give more preference to Apache … But personally what I felt is Apache looses its power gradually than it had shown in its early stages (it cant get above 100 km/hr mark easily like before, after 10-15k kms)… can u comment on this ..

I agree with all ur other points… :)
September 20th, 2009 @8:00 pm  

This post not only have good review, but the comments are also just superb…

Should I go for Enfield or GS ?

September 22nd, 2009 @12:30 pm  

This post helped me a lott …
I am planning to buy a bike soon . and it gs150

@ syam

go ahead wid ur choice .. u wont get disappointed

September 26th, 2009 @2:31 pm  

hi karthik…. im a newbie to this blog.. i wanted to get a bike, until now my preference was HH CBZ, and then i saw the Suzuki GS 150r , which i kinda liked , and then i started to generate info from the good old internet , so this is my scenario if i will be buying a bike i will be traveling to and fro kerala from Mysore almost every weekend, its around 400km trip, and not just that i will be traveling India as a whole now i will be needing fuel efficiency, and performance in the long run, what do u think? is this bike suitable for me?
another wild idea i had in mind is (please bear with me here) if you could install a rear disc brake like in the Apache RTR and in Pulsar 220, is it possible,and are there any mods to increase fuel efficiency? and what about increasing the tyre width from stock tyres how will it affect the fuel efficiency? and can a mono suspension be installed on this bike? change its handle bars to the one like in the Yamaha R1 ,if so this could be a wonder bike right? now thats a whole lot of a different thing….
so is this possible? you see i am new to this biking thing although i have been using them for almost above 2 years , i have never owned one,….
now the second query,,,,…
if i will be going on looooong trips as i mentioned earlier, what all should i take care, about the bike, the govt(i mean is there any procedures i have to go through, any money paying to the officials?), etc?
so if u would answer these queries it will be really gr8 full


Enfield and GS are totally different bikes … Enfield with a 350cc engine it gives you good riding comfort. The body weight gives d rider, d confidence to ride over 100km/hr (infact the breaking at this stage is disappointing with the drum brakes). But Enfield is Enfield. It cant be replaced with any 150 cc bikes in India. It gives a mileage roughly around 35 km/l whereas GS with 50+. Details of GS is mentioned above. Its u to choose your beast..

@ nabeelalmakkawi

Well, GS is better tham HH CBZ…
But 150cc’s are nt dat suitable 4 a 400km trip.. cuz all of them are air cooled engine (or else u must take several stops in between)…Liquid cooled engines are gud for long trip .. But unfortunately at present only R15 is der wit a liq coold engine. Thatz a racing bike and wont give you enuf comfort on long trip, and also its nt fuel efficient.
Karizma ZMR is launched with a liquid cooled engine. It wud be a better bike for long trip, but wont be fuel efficient…) But still, i think u can manage long trips with GS ..

Its not a gud decision to add extra add ons on a bike.. For installing rear discs you have to change many parts at rear..
If you change the handlebars to that of R1, it will reduce ur comfort on long drives. So never modify ur bike. Riding it wit company fittings is d best
Though costly adding good quality monoshocks will be better

On long trips no money is to be paid to the government if you are on a private vehicle.

September 29th, 2009 @11:05 am  

I’m very new to biking and I recently bought GS. I have few questions that the salesman was not able to answer. The bike has separate oil reservoir for shockers and probably for engine(m not sure about engine, but salesman said so). What’s exact purpose of these reservoirs and do they need to get refilled at some point of time? If yes, then which sort of oil and how frequently?
Secondly, there is a problem. Sometimes, the gear indicator near tachometer goes blank. It normally happens when I’m shifting to neutral gear (from first or second gear). It seems that probably it is not able to detect that whether bike is in neutral or not. However, this happens only sometimes and gear indicator continues to work well when i further shift gears. The problem seems to be near neutral gear only. Is it normal behavior or it’s a fault in the bike?
Please put some light on these issues.

September 29th, 2009 @12:40 pm  

hey hi karthik…… yaar some of the query’s i posted went un answered…. i want to know what all things i will be needing to take with me on a loooooong trip…. like for instance if u have traveled through the ooty mysore road from kerala.. that is starting from thrissur via nilambur,vazhiikkadavu,gudallur(tamilnadu),gundelpet(karnataka),nanjangode,mysore…a long stretch of the route is un inhabited there aren’t any ppl around for at least 30 to 40 km radius, besides u ll be crossing two forests on the way namely mudhumalai tiger reserve(tamilnadu) and bandipur(karnataka).. and if by any way we get stuck in these places we are done for, u know what i mean, so is there some kinda kit that i should carry with me, can u throw some light on these matters,
and ya is there any way to increase fuel efficiency?ie:increase milage, i know gs 150 can give 50+ but is there any way we can suck out some more kms from this machine?
any ways yaar, i should have done this before, but thank you yaar, thanks for the time u spent to reply to my query… hopin u ll reply this one too… see ya

@ ashoka

I havnt heard any complaints as such …Its better to take ur GS to the showroom and ask them to rectify it… GS is coming with a gear indicator of digital display. May be some electronic failure makes it blank ..

GS is coming with an air cooled engine. I haven’t heard abt any oil reservoir on the engine..

@ nabeelalmakkawi

Increasing fuel efficiency..
to do dat adding a power filter will not only increase ur fuel efficiency but also power of the bike.. But I think its enuf to go with ur normal GS..

On long trips
1) make sure you have enuf petrol
2) a charged mobile fone with full battery charge
3) license , book and paper of ur bike, pollution certificate, tax etc..
4) some snacks , water etc…
( this is what came to my mind nw… I have not gone for long trips alone… lets see if someone else can help u ) :)

October 3rd, 2009 @1:25 am  

Hi Karthik,
Can you tell me something about the oil reservoirs for shockers. What’s their exact purpose and do they need some refilling. If yes, then if you can give and idea of how frequently and which type of oil should be refilled.
Secondly, while listing negatives of GS, Satheesh wrote: “Manual Choke, need to position back manually before ride”. What is ‘Choke’ and what does it do? How do i locate it in my bike? What’s disadvantage of a manual choke? Do I need to set it everytime or even sometimes before ride? If yes, then how do I set it? Actually, I’m very new to biking and don’t know anything about choke.

October 3rd, 2009 @1:40 am  

Many people carry a kit that basically has all you need to fix a puncture, pump up tyres and some small fixes, if need aises on way. I hope that should be easily available. Also, try getting you chain cleaned and properly greased, if you havent done so for long time. This is what I have heard from my friends that go for bike trips. Although I, myself, am very new to biking.
Also, regarding money to be aid to govt, you normally dont need to pay any tax to govt if you are using a Non-Commercial private vehicle. But, you may be required to pay toll on roads that are being operated/maintained by private parties. In northern India, there are some roads on which every vehicle has to pay fee for passing. These are roads built on built-operate-transfer agreement between govt and the private party. for example, there few such tolls to be paid on NH-8 and also on DND flyway.

October 3rd, 2009 @1:11 pm  

hi, karthik,,,,,, hmmmm, so that are ur suggestions…. anyways do u know the price of the bike in kerala?

@ ashoka

The front suspension are telescopic but give a better response than Unicorn, while the rear suspension has a separate oil reservoir which acts as a magic on rough roads. The oil in theshock absorber makes cooling effectively, hence, ensuring growth in its performance.

The function of the choke is to regulate the air/fuel mixture during engine startup. It produces a higher concentration of fuel (a “richer” fuel/air mixture) when the engine is cold, then gradually increases the concentration of air (making the fuel mixture “leaner”) as the engine warms up. This is accomplished by a butterfly valve in the throat of the carburetor, at the very top. When this valve is closed the flow of air is very much reduced and the fuel/air mixture is “rich.” When the valve is open (i.e., the butterfly is standing straight up), the flow of air is maximized and the fuel/air mixture is “lean.”

October 17th, 2009 @1:18 am  

Suzuki GS150R is the best bike in its class of 150cc. I bought this bike 2 months ago. That time I was quite confuse about which bike to buy. Earlier i made up my mind to buy Honda Unicon as i like the smoothness of this bike. But after few research & analysis i came to know about GS150R. I took a test drive of this bike. After driving for about a km i made my mind that i am going to buy this bike only.

Engine was so smooth…… no sound at all. Now after 1st servicing u will enjoy its ride as u can drive on higher speed. Pick up is amazing….u gona love this

Look is also very good. Go for black colour.

So, i would like to suggest all my friends that those who are planning to buy a bike of 150cc engine then u should check this one….atleast go for a test drive.

October 20th, 2009 @2:52 pm  

hi kaarthik,,,,
any idea on how much gs 150 costs in kerala?

October 21st, 2009 @7:05 am  

gud work my bro :-)
love t bike :-D

October 22nd, 2009 @2:47 pm  


@ nabeelalmakkawi
I dunno the correct price .. it myt be between 65k-70k..

@ Mahesh n Satheesh
Thanks for ur comments …

November 1st, 2009 @10:24 pm  

Another problem I am facing with GS150 is transmission, the chain gets loose every 500-600 KM’s.
I own a GS150 for last 6 month’s, there must be a design issues with these bike. I also heard few more people complaining about this while in service center.

@ JB

tnx 4 dat inf :) … if its a common issue, i think suzuki must work hard on it

November 26th, 2009 @7:17 pm  

it seems to be a good one but lot of designs are copied from other bikeslike pulsar &unicorn 6 gear an highlight tail lamps looks god we may trust the engine because its suzuki

November 29th, 2009 @2:22 am  

Hi Kartik,

One thing wana share I have not seen much -ve points about GS150 but also have not seen much GS150 bike on the street infact one or two in a week in mumbai streets. Just read the review and have gone crazy to buy this bike(at times fears that these are the trap by the company to sell GS150).
I wana buy a 150cc bike between UNICON or gs150. The only thing stopping me from buying GS is that there are not enough bikes on the street inspite of such a good review about technology and 6th gear….
Let me have your views on it.


December 3rd, 2009 @12:48 pm  

In India…. even if people sell hayabusa for 50K people will think n blink atleast for a second before buyin and what’s Running on their mind is Availablity of parts… service center………

That’s Y you see a million Pulsar’s in North India
Equally large no of Apache’s n Pulsar’s In south India…
Apart from these, their only favorable choice would be the Hero Honda’s the cycle manufacturer turned Motor Company…….Lolz….

Sluggish Is’nt……
Honda Uni is the only vehicle which survived the market for a long time apart from all the above mentioned player’s……… Coz Uni is best in wot it does and reliable…

So you wont see a GS where ever you want to……..
Owner of these bikes are some who thinks, all the parts screwed in the bike will not fall down or get bad as we ride every 5 kms so we wont need a service station every 5 kms in wherever we Go……..

December 3rd, 2009 @12:52 pm  

Bottomline is bikes like these is chosen by one’s whose particular requirements were met. And others who pursue wot their heart says

December 4th, 2009 @11:00 am  

Well, some bloggers are asking why they dont see many Suzuki GS150s on the road. Ask yourself this question: How many CBZx or Hunks do you see on the road daily?

Cbzx and Hunk bikes are being sold since 3 to 4 years, yet we dont see many CBZx or Hunks on the road. Gs150 is not even a year since its launch, but I see more GS150s on the road than Hunks.

Of course, we cant see many Gs150s on the road compared with Pulsar, Apache, or Unicorn, which have been in the market for 7 to 6 years. Slowly but surely, GS150r is gaining market share, especially in the commuter/executive segment directly competing with Unicorn and Hunk.

@ ajith ..

Yea .. It luks somewhat like Unicorn.. dats ture .. But this beast is havin gud height… And i didnt feel any similarity with Pulsar ..

And one thing I noticed is the new HH Karizma ZMR has a headlamp with a similar shape of GS .. Isnt it ?


What rayden44 and Antony said is correct.. I agree to their point of view ..

December 6th, 2009 @12:27 am  

Hi rayden44 and Antony,

It’s nice to hear from u guys. I am plaining to buy gs150, but still guys let me tell you again that on mumbai streets i do not see gs150. May be in south india we have more of these bikes moving around.


December 7th, 2009 @1:05 pm  

Test drive the bike(s) of Ur choices…….

And Pursue what you heart says…. that’s the bottomline

Coz u r gonna be on it… more than anyone else………

December 9th, 2009 @1:12 pm  


that’s great …..thanks

January 11th, 2010 @5:26 pm  

suggest me a 150 cc bike which is better

January 19th, 2010 @3:26 am  

Hey Guys,

I am back and back with the news that I hve bought GS150. Not only that but I also have driven about 1400 KM in two weeks as my daily run is 70 + local. I am done with the 1st service till that have maintained RPM of 4500. Now as it is done I am keeping around 5000. (is it okey or need to reduce or increase?)

Wat ever I have read found it to be true but still it’s too early to say that, may be. Now have to chek for the top speed and the vibration if exists.

Thanks to u all guys..

Kartik and rayden let me know on RPM which i shall adhere till what killometer.


@ ravs

Nice to hear from you… :) I think u r doin ryt at present. Maintaining ur byk @ 4500-5000 rpm gives long life to ur engine.

But if u want to chk ur top speed, u must shift ur gears @ 7000 rpm or higher (at least 3,4,5 & 6th gears), but don’t do it always. It will reduce ur engine lyf.

Am I ryt rayden .. ? :)

Expectin ur feedback on vibrations @ high speeds. Drive safetly ravs :)


What r u expecting from a 150cc byk?
Style ? Mileage ? Performance ? (hope you will answer to this)

First of all u have to test ride all 150cc bike to make sure, which 1 is giving you comfort wyl ryding.

I think Suzuki GS150R will satisfy ur needs. Unicorn, Pulsar etc are other options from my side..

January 21st, 2010 @3:51 pm  

@Kishroe K

From my exp with the GS150 and Fiero, I would say just go ahead with GS150. When I had gone for servicing I met with other GS owner (10000 KM, 5000 KM etc.) they all were happe with everythin and mileage 55-60. Even today when I drive my frnd fiero is amazing, trusting the co. and the quality engine I have opted GS150.

Also have find the GS150 the best comfrt in deriving and sitting. Once you ride this beast then riding the Unicorn and P150 feels as if you are riding small bike.
Test drive it….dude.

Thanks for the Tip to shift the 3,4,5,6 gear @ 7000 rpm cos I generally shift the gear @ 4500 rpm.

Will update …….

@ ravs

Sub : Changing gears @ 7000 rpm

Do it only to check ur top speed. Doin it regularly myt kill ur engine

January 28th, 2010 @5:55 am  

Hi I am planning to buy a new bike,

I have options which would be d best

Pulsar 150
Bullet 350

Criteria is simple good mileage, low maintainence and comfortness in long drives.

Plz do reply.

January 30th, 2010 @7:03 pm  

hey all
dude’s jus gimme a suggestion 4 a gud bik n all terms lik look,stylish,mileage,engine n speed i prefer gs150r frm suzuki any othr byk betta dan dis plzz do reply………..

January 31st, 2010 @1:26 pm  

Hi Kartik,

I have drove the max 104 KPH in busy streets of mumbai could not stretch any more. Still the bike was steady and no vibration at all.

As I have not done with 2nd service what is the speed should I maintain regularly to get long life. Also if I maintain low speed will the engine be toned in future to give better milage?


hi Mahesha

Though Suzuki GS150R gives the best mileage in this class, its not der in ur options. And thats the only reason y ‘m not suggesting GS. But wen a Unicorn is given space in ur option list, I wonder why GS150R didnt had any. Both are like twin brothrs (but GS with an xtra gear).

Taking three of ur criteria into consideration, I wud short list ur options to Unicorn and Bullet 350

If u r looking for good mileage, I think u have to choose either Pulsar or Unicorn. Both gives an average of 50-60km/l. Unicorn have better mileage (but some of ma friends gets only 40km/l in new Unicorn).. I have to mention, on long drives Unicorn is better than Pulsar in comfort.

Avenger and Bullet 350.. Without any doubt we can say Bullet 350 is the best. But both of them wont give u gud mileage when compared with d bykz mentioned above. Bullet gives average of 30-45 km/l…But these ones gives u comfort on long drive, especially the BULLET

For which criteria u give the priority.
1) Mileage or 2)Comfort

For mileage, choose UNICORN :)
For comfort, choose BULLET 350 :)

These two are my suggestions :)

@ Vikram

If you prefer GS, then go for it. You wont be disappointed..
In styling, I feel Pulsar is better than GS, but that doesn’t matter. In engine, mileage etc. GS is so far d best in its class.. :)

@ ravs

nice to hear from you. Smooth n steady drive @ 104 sounds good on a 150cc…(Gud wrk Suzuki, and you too ravs for maintaing it well)

Its not the speed u have to maintain. Maintain the engine rpm. On whatever gear u drive, maintain ur rpm @ 4500-5500. This gives more engine life. (In 6th gear with this rpm rate, ur speedometer myt display 55-65km/hr)

Hope u wud again give ur feedback on each n every tiny noticeable things dat happen on ur GS. :)

Drive safetly ravs

February 2nd, 2010 @6:06 am  

Thanks Karthik,

actually i forgot to include Suzuki GS 150 in my list.
I might go with GS or Unicorn.. only time decides abt it.
Jus let me know is GS suitable for long drives.. ?

@ Mahesha

GS does not have d mono suspension in it. But d Unicorn does have. And so the Unicorn will be better for long drives. But we cannot say GS wont give you comfort. The shock absorber of GS is pretty gud than other 150cc bikes without mono shock..

ravs, wat do u think ?

February 6th, 2010 @3:15 pm  

Unicorn has monoshock. That is the only thing the unicorn has, but uni does not have digital speedo, LED tailamp, 6th gear, and engine balancer. To clarify, monoshock is useful while taking sharp turns only, you can bend your bike more like in a race track. For bad roads, rear twin shocks serve better. Thats the reason pulsar, apache, and cbz still comes with twin rear shocks, though all companies have the ability to fit monoshocks. Also, if the shock-absorbers are gas-charged like in pulsar, apache, and gs150r, then they would be very comfortable. Cbz does not have gas-charged shock absorbers. GS150r shock absorbers have oil reservoir and are gas-charged, so they are very good and comfortable for city and long rides.

February 20th, 2010 @7:30 pm  

Hi im Ali from Pakistan i need 1 speed meter of suzaki full set and bady there to send me 1 speed meter plz i need it .if any bady there who want to send me so plz emial me on this ID thank you very much bye bye

February 21st, 2010 @1:07 am  

Can anyone please suggest me Which bike is best in 150 cc range?

1.HeroHonda CBZ extreme
2. Honda Unicorn
3. Pulsar 150
4. Suzuki GS 150R

February 24th, 2010 @1:06 am  


Suzuki GS 150R
After 4k on the ODO i can surely say GS 150 is the most probable…. Its got everything that and Indian biking requires.
I rate it as the best in its 150 class not just for the mileage but for its engine refinement and handling and overall quality. Mileage is just a bonus.

Pulsar 150
Its better than a pulsar anyday.. Coz world knows the life of a Dtsi engines. And you have to make a lot of compromise on Build quality. Intial pickup on this engine is good and not the best.

HeroHonda CBZ extreme
My frank opinion this machine is not worth its cost.. anytime of the year.. engine is good coz its Honda’s.. The rest… No comments.. I could raise a question on handling… yes..
Verdict = Overall package is poor, but i love its tail lamp.


Now talking about the sibling.
GS has price difference of +3k over this vehicle
for 3k you get
Digital Speedo
6 speed Engine.. (6 gears over 5 on Uni)
Engine Balancer Tech… (Low Vibrations at High RPM’s and high speed’s, Honestly very low)
LED tail lamp (Like you have in Xtreme)

And you dont get
Mono Suspention.

Engine of both Uni and GS is well refined and both are commuters fantansy and racers diplomacy.
They say Bullet is the most comfortable bike and its a real cruiser and it doesn have Mono shock.. Yes comfort relies on varius other factors but shocks play a major role.,, See the difference. Both the bikes have similar styling and i would give one up on GS in this.

Left one more difference, GS is taller and heavier than Uni.
Its left you bettween choosing a Sad old faced sibling or newly designed bright faced GS

*** the above comments were just my personal point of view and i regeret if it disturbes anyone of yours***

March 8th, 2010 @7:20 pm  

hi guys,
i ride a cd 100 for now…goin in for a new bike…in loss of ideas if i should go for unicorn,pulsar150 or gs150….
dad swears on honda engines…cos cd 100 has given us an unbelievable exp….no problem for like 15yrs and still goin strong…
i travel around 60kms daily….so mileage and comfort are the two main criterion’s….
gs 150 does look a mean machine when compared to unicorn…but wat about the sales nd service in blore…any idea
and plz help me make up my mind….
keep up the good work guys!!!….

well said rayden44 :)

@ danny :
GS truly satisfies ur two criterion. The engine is smooth as unicorn and the engine will be strong for many years.

But dude, I don’t know hws d after sales service in banglre. :(

March 22nd, 2010 @9:16 am  

hi karthik…. im a newbie here.
im going to take my first bike n im very confused between pulsar150 and GS150r.
im a student n wont be much traveling on highways for long time… suggest me which bike to take?
im lean and 5’9 tall
ive seen in many forums that the quality of pulsar’s is not so good my none of my frnds (some of them are using pulsar since 2-3 yrs) accept with it.
jst suggest me a bike that performs well in all or most of the aspects.
reply as quickly as possible…. ill be waiting for ur reply

Go for GS150r

I dont say d quality of Pulsar is bad.. But its not that good as a Unicorn or GS150r.. Pulsar is not good for ruf use..

But Pulsar is the most stylish bike 150cc segment (acc. to me).

Pulsar suits for all type of persons. But GS doesnt suits fatty/short persons. So here, a lean tall person like you will not face such problem in choosing any of them …

In city drive, both gives u almost same mileage..

In most of the aspects, GS performs well… :)

March 28th, 2010 @2:22 am  

Many people are going on and on that the Unicorn engine is smooth, unicorn engine is smooth…..

Yes, unicorn engine is smooth, but Gs150 engine is also smooth. The main difference is Unicorn is silent and smooth and Gs150 is grunty and smooth. So, dont confuse silent and smooth. Every engine has its own sound/tone, and this sound/tone depends to a large extent on the exhaust and engine CDI timing setup also. The herohonda Hunk has same unicorn engine, but the hunk sounds louder because of the different exhaust. So, do you think hunk engine is not smooth? Engines of Gs150r, hunk, fz16 are grunty and smooth. Many true bikers, in fact, want a good exhaust tone from their bikes, becaue it gives them the feeling of power and also lets them know exactly how the bike engine behaves. For that matter, Apache and Pulsar engines are also good, but pulsar engines tend to give problem soon after 3-4 years and require more maintainence, again depending on rider. But again, all bikes need maintainence.

One more fact is all engines vibrate. Yes, unicorn, gs150, cbzx, fz16, apache, pulsar, etc., all engines vibrate. But the difference is, in unicorn, gs150, fz16, and cbzx the engines are mounted to the bike frame/chassis in such a way that engine vibrations are not transferred to the frame/chassis of the bike. Thus, we cannot feel the vibrations on the handle and footpegs. This is where the apache and pular lack. The engine vibrations in Apache and pulsar are transferred to the bike frame/chassis and felt by the rider on the handle and footpegs. Although, this vibration problem seems to be solved to a large extent in the new Apaches and pulsars. But i have to say, in every bike the engine vibrations are felt more at particular engine rpms.

Another important factor in bikes is the gearbox. This is where the pulsar is not so smooth. Every bike gearbox is setup differently, so some bikes like Fz16 have good initial and mid-range pickup but lack top-end speed, so if you are riding a fz16 easily in city traffic, you will have difficulty overtaking cabs/cars traveling on highways at say 65-70 kmph. Bikes like gs150r lack initial pickup but have good mid-range and top-end speed, so you can really enjoy highways and long roads on Gs150r. Bikes like cbz, apache, and pulsar have good initial and mid-range pickup, but vibrate a lot at speeds of 70-80 kmph. Fz16, Apache, pulsar, Cbzx, Hunk all have better initial pickup than Unicorn and Gs150r. Unicorn has slightly better low-end pickup than gs150r, both Unicorn and Gs150r have equal mid-range pickup, but Gs150 has better top-end pickup than unicorn. Gs150r is slowest in 0-60 kmph, while gs150r is fastest in 0-100 kmph. So, if you are riding a Gs150, when the signal light turns green, Apache, pulsar, cbz, fz16 and even unicorn will move before you and you will be last to move, but you will be first to reach the next signal on Gs150r, only if the next signal is a bit far. Thats the difference.

Each bike has different riding posture and gear lever/footpeg and handlebar position. So, better take a test ride to see if the bike riding posture suits you. Also, monoshocks are good to take sharp turns and stability, but pillion comfort is questionable. Twin gas-shocks are better for bad roads and pillion comfort. Also, unicorn monoshock does not have linkage. Yam-R15 has linkage monoshock. I hope honda also fit linkage monoshock in unicorn in future.

Given the wide difference in features such as Digital speedometer, Mileage, monoshock/twin gas-charged shock aborbers, front and rear disk-brake, rider and pillion seat height/width, seating posture, footpeg/gear lever position, LED taillamps, looks/style, colors available, etc., then you have to decide which bikes suits your age, personality, and driving style and which among this is giving you more features/value for money. Sales/service network should not be a problem with all bikes, unless you are living in a far village which has no dealer.

March 28th, 2010 @6:24 pm  

Many people are going on and on that the Unicorn engine is smooth, unicorn engine is smooth…..

Yes, unicorn engine is smooth, but Gs150 engine is also smooth. The main difference is Unicorn is silent and smooth and Gs150 is grunty and smooth. So, dont confuse silent and smooth. Every engine has its own sound/tone, and this sound/tone depends to a large extent on the exhaust and engine CDI timing setup also. The herohonda Hunk has same unicorn engine, but the hunk sounds louder because of the different exhaust. So, do you think hunk engine is not smooth? Engines of Gs150r, hunk, fz16 are grunty and smooth. Many true bikers, in fact, want a good exhaust tone from their bikes, becaue it gives them the feeling of power and also lets them know exactly how the bike engine behaves. For that matter, Apache and Pulsar engines are also good, but pulsar engines tend to give problem soon after 3-4 years and require more maintainence, again depending on rider. But again, all bikes need maintainence.

One more fact is all engines vibrate. Yes, unicorn, gs150, cbzx, fz16, apache, pulsar, etc., all engines vibrate. But the difference is, in unicorn, gs150, fz16, and cbzx the engines are mounted to the bike frame/chassis in such a way that engine vibrations are not transferred to the frame/chassis of the bike. Thus, we cannot feel the vibrations on the handle and footpegs. This is where the apache and pular lack. The engine vibrations in Apache and pulsar are transferred to the bike frame/chassis and felt by the rider on the handle and footpegs. Although, this vibration problem seems to be solved to a large extent in the new Apaches and pulsars. But i have to say, in every bike the engine vibrations are felt more at particular engine rpms.

Another important factor in bikes is the gearbox. This is where the pulsar is not so smooth. Every bike gearbox is setup differently, so some bikes like Fz16 have good initial and mid-range pickup but lack top-end speed, so if you are riding a fz16 easily in city traffic, you will have difficulty overtaking cabs/cars traveling on highways at say 65-70 kmph. Bikes like gs150r lack initial pickup but have good mid-range and top-end speed, so you can really enjoy highways and long roads on Gs150r. Bikes like cbz, apache, and pulsar have good initial and mid-range pickup, but vibrate a lot at speeds of 70-80 kmph. Fz16, Apache, pulsar, Cbzx, Hunk all have better initial pickup than Unicorn and Gs150r. Unicorn has slightly better low-end pickup than gs150r, both Unicorn and Gs150r have equal mid-range pickup, but Gs150 has better top-end pickup than unicorn. Gs150r is slowest in 0-60 kmph, while gs150r is fastest in 0-100 kmph. So, if you are riding a Gs150, when the signal light turns green, Apache, pulsar, cbz, fz16 and even unicorn will move before you and you will be last to move, but you will be first to reach the next signal on Gs150r, only if the next signal is a bit far. Thats the difference. Again, the 6th gear in Gs150r is an advantage, it keeps the bike smooth even at high speeds.

Each bike has different riding posture and gear lever/footpeg and handlebar position. So, better take a test ride to see if the bike riding posture suits you. Also, monoshocks are good to take sharp turns and stability, but pillion comfort is questionable. Twin gas-shocks are better for bad roads and pillion comfort. Also, unicorn monoshock does not have linkage. Yam-R15 has linkage monoshock. I hope honda also fit linkage monoshock in unicorn in future.

One thing where Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha score is the quality of their bikes. Although Honda treat us Indians like second-grade and give us old technology, but still good quality old technology. Gs150r is definitely very well built, and fit and finish of Gs150r is definitely better than Unicorn.

Given the wide difference in features such as Digital speedometer, Mileage, monoshock/twin gas-charged shock aborbers, front and rear disk-brake, rider and pillion seat height/width, seating posture, footpeg/gear lever position, LED taillamps, looks/style, colors available, etc., then you have to decide which bikes suits your age, personality, and driving style and which among this is giving you more features/value for money. Sales/service network should not be a problem with all bikes, unless you are living in a far village which has no dealer.

March 30th, 2010 @8:19 am  

Heelooo…. What are sayin sweetieee… looking for power?, go checkout some other bikes…. Suzuki Gs 150 r is not the bike you need, opting for power…pls….

It is so smooth in it’s 1st gear, i first thought the bike is moving in it’s second gear… this bike i will definitely choose for long drives…. Bt power, pls, Fz is nothin when compared to a PULSAR…. Hmmmmm… If any disagreement is there, pls do mention, as I am looking forward to it….

Fade !t………

April 2nd, 2010 @2:41 pm  

Thank You Antony for a Detailed and concise review. Now even a lay man nd amateur bikers can also chosse bikes in 150cc segment. I would never written a review as lucid as this myself all ma life. Good bloggin. Cheers

April 24th, 2010 @7:01 pm  

@ karthi…..dude i brought unicorn….but since i got te bike after 1st april…te cost on road is 72k…increase in company rates for tat bharath 4 norms and increase in govt tax..but 500kms…done…te bike gives around 39kms…and smooth as butter….but my pals who have brought gs…says its better cos of the 6th gear…and digital meter…but guys plz do check out te sport concept which honda is plannin to launch 5months from now…must say compared to present bike unicorn… quite a sportive upgrade…

May 7th, 2010 @11:16 am  

ya am using Gs150R bike many atttractive functions including Gs. Especialy nice digital meater. attractive disign and drivig very smooth

Abhijit Agawane
May 15th, 2010 @2:09 pm  

Im planing to buy a bike this month.Im confused between suzuki gs150,unicorn dazzler and apache rtr 180.My basic parameter is style,average and comfort.Im going to keep the bike for atleast 5yrs so i need low maintance and good engine power.Im used to race bike so does suzuki gs is fit for it.
please suggest me a good bike which will b good for atleast 5yrs with minimum maintance,high on stability at 100km\hr,comfort and for daily commuting.
As i cover 70km per day i need a smooth and reliable bike.I oscationally go for a long ride for about 500kms in every 2 months so is suzuki gs good for long ride.
Please help me out soon.
Im waiting for ur reply.
Hope u help me out.
thanking you.

May 23rd, 2010 @12:25 pm  

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May 28th, 2010 @12:36 pm  

Hey kartik…can u tell me whether the GS can be fixed with some mods to increase the overall speed and acceleration..? i have reached a top speed of 115 km/hr at 8000 rpm at 5th gear.
I own a GS from 2 seems the pickup is low wen i try to race against some of my friends (Apache 160fi & P220)..
And even the sound of the bike is very poor like a mixy grinder. can u give some tips to change the sound of the bike like apache or p220..? i have heard that my adding a KN fiter the overall performance of the bike increases and also the sound changes…is it true…please help me…i want to race with my GS and feel like iam riding a beast….can anyone help me..


The new unicorn is sportive.. It has rear discs too.. Its named CB Unicorn 150 DAZZLER… As the name says, it looks almost similar to CB twister.. It also comes with digital meter and new gold colour … Overall its good with the same old engine, i think

@ shameer

Thanks for the review.. Keep posting your updates regardin bykz.. Ride safely

@ Abhijit Agawane

Taking all ur demands into considerations. I think go for Unicorn Dazzler. But I have heard there is no engine modifications for the Dazzler ( performance will be like the old Unicorn, which is good )

Suzuki GS is good for long rides. That one with 6 gears will be better. But when styling matters Unicorn dazzler is far better. And Unicorn is also good for long rides. Unicorn Dazzler comes with rear brakes too..

Don’t go for Apache RTR 180. U said u need a bike that lasts for at least 5 yrs.. I don’t think Apache will fulfill that..

@ Arish

To race with a 220, I think u have to ride on a 200 or 180 atleast..

K&N filters do improves ur bikes performance. But its not good for ur bike.. its improves power its actually powered air filter which forcefully injects air into the engine… just like a turbo charger its improves power there by more acceleration and better top speed…..

June 4th, 2010 @8:04 pm  

Hey kartik can u give some tips to improve the top speed of my gs 150r…i have heard that by adding bigger chain sprockets it can increase speed upto 10-20 km/hr…..

Please tell me some solution to change the sound of the gs150r…i dont want to change the silencer….please help me…

by increasing the rpm it does sound good but the mileage is around 35-40. give me some tips to increase the power and the mileage.

June 26th, 2010 @9:31 pm  

hai..from 2009 april am using gs150r….am getting good mileage…only that…pick up is very bad…poor break and head light… normal..mirror same as in zeus…altogther compairing to unicorn& yamaha…suzuki is toooo bad in india….so plssssssssssssss never try this bike plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

July 4th, 2010 @5:15 pm  

Hi, i am a college student & planning to buy a new bike(150cc). My main priorities r style,mileage & low maintenance.. Dnt need much power & speed as campus roads r nt dat helpful.. I usually travel 20km in a day..Plz suggest frm among these 4 – honda dazzler, yamaha fzs , suzuki gs 150r & tvs apache rtr 160.. I usd to ride my dad’s splendor & dis wil b my first own bike.. So plz suggest accordingly..

July 5th, 2010 @4:20 pm  

hi i have bought GS150R on2nd July, i am normal rider not much experianced in city traffic riding, tody i have tested in traffic condition the bike is giving me 30KM, pls suggest the riding tips to increase the milage.

sanchit sundan
July 5th, 2010 @8:51 pm  

hey yar m lookin 2 buy a new 150 cc bike …vat vil b better from these bikes GS 150 r or unicorn dazzler……..considering on the bike life and more mileage part………. same i m also looking for the bike cost eithr m alrdy hvin apache 160RTR bt it cost is more nw thn other 150 cc bikes…..though i vil prefer 4 apche kindly suggest me out………..

A faisal.. I think go with Honda Dazzler 150 … Though its same engine as of old Unicorn, its pretty cool in design. And the engine is smooth as all knows..

@ goty

city ryds does reducers ur mileage.. u need to move on top gears to get mileage…

if its heavy traffic, at least try to move on 2nd gear ( it doesnt mean to take ur byk frm 0km/h in 2nd gear) keep moving if possible..

do not raise ur engine unnecessaily, I think u r a newbie in riding.. u vil get used to it within 2- 3 weeks

@ sanchit sundan

GS is cheaper and it gives more mileage too (cuz of 6 gears)

Unicorn is abt 3000 – 4000 bucks costlier than its old model, and d engine is same as d old 1..

July 8th, 2010 @8:11 am  

@ Goty — Seems like you have just bought the bike, This is common with all new bikes and you would have to wait until 1st Service, Only after your first service you would be seeing the orginal mileage of the bike (solely depends on your riding style). For the moment dont try to rev your engine at high RPM, not more that 4.5, and never drive at lower RPM like below 2, its fatal than driving at higher RPM’s. Stay patient, Happy driving.

July 8th, 2010 @8:18 am  

@ Sanooj — To understand your driving style and your requirements better, Could you tell me the list of bikes you were owning or driving before buying GS, coz i cant comment on your post until I knw abt your biking better.

I know plenty of Happy Owners of Suzuki GS, Not to second I’m one of them.

Think Suzuki has a product in India that can server your Expectation Better.
Suzuki Hayabusa — If you are a Racer
Suzuki Intruder — If you are a Cruiser

July 8th, 2010 @8:22 am  

๛๑۩۞۩๑๛ karʇh¿ʞ ☠ കാര്‍ത്തിക്ക് ☠ काति॔क ๛๑۩۞۩๑๛
June 2nd, 2010 @6:21 am @ Abhijit Agawane

Suzuki GS is good for long rides. That one with 6 gears will be better. But when styling matters Unicorn dazzler is far better. And Unicorn is also good for long rides. Unicorn

“Dazzler comes with rear brakes too.. ”

@ karthick ROFLMAO reading the Quoted.

Best Typo of the year 2010. No offence. Cheers n Happy bloggin

July 8th, 2010 @2:16 pm  

Hello sanchit! If you are looking for powerful bike with good initial pickup, i suggest Apache RTR and Fz16. Pulsar i dont suggest because it has gearbox probs. If you have set your heart on RTR, just go for it. It is a good powerful bike with a good engine and gear box, but at high speed of 75 kmph, you will feel vibrations. In all bikes you will feel vibrations at high speed, except unicorn and gs150r. But at 75-80 kmph, even in unicorn vibrations are felt. Gs150r is the only bike which has very less vibration at high speed of 80 kmph, but initial pickup in unicorn and gs150r is less. Only advantage in unicorn is monoshock, which helps you to bend the bike while turning like in race track. But in city riding, i dont think monoshock is an advantage, unless you want to irresponsibly ride zig-zag. You might have read in many places that unicorn engine is very smooth, but the fact is other engines are like gs150r and yamaha fz16 are also smooth. For the power it generates, even Apache is smooth. The same old unicorn engine in dazzler now sounds louder, so does it mean unicorn engine is bad? In fact, dazzler sound is now similar to gs150r. Unicorn engine is silent and smooth. Gs150r, fz16, Apache, and dazzler engines are grunty and smooth. Dont confuse exhaust sound and engine vibrations. The grunty sound is due to the sporty exhaust on these bikes.

But sanchit, first decide what kind of bike you want, sporty or commuter. In sporty bikes like apache and pulsar, rider has forward-lean seating posture. Fz16 and Dazzler are commuter bikes with rider sitting straight, but fz16 and dazzler lack commuter-bike featurs like full-chain cover and do not have kickstart, which is a disadvantage in cold/rainy weather. In commuter bikes like gs150r, cb-unicorn, and cbzx, rider sits straight, which is comfortable for long rides. Commuter bikes also have full chain cover. Also, if you are an executive/family man, i suggest bike with full chain cover for pillioin rider safety. Full chain cover keeps dust out and keeps chain smooth, it avoids clothes getting dirty from chain oil, and reduces wear and tear of chain and sprocket.

July 14th, 2010 @10:27 pm  

hi all,

This is my exp after 2 weeks ride of GS150R in chennai
1.tight handle , tough to do sharp U turn
2.pickup is bad, intial pick up is very bad.. may be better after 1st service
3.Gear indicator display is turning off very frequently
4. front shock obsorbers are not that good compared to other (Unicon)bike
5.Engine is geeting heated quickly
6.ECO mode is not allowing >60 even in 6th gear, light starts blinking
7. Gear shifting is not smoother, but ok type

Is any once facing above things, pls advice me how can avoid them

@ rayden

actually i meant Dazzler comes with rear “DISC” brakes too.. :D

July 17th, 2010 @7:47 am  

@ karthick was Just kidding yaar.
@Goty – I’m a proud owner of GS for the past 8 months and crossed 10K Kilo’s yesterday. Let me see whether I can satisfy you with my Answers. And I’m from Chennai too.

1.tight handle , tough to do sharp U turn
GS is the heavy bike in the segment so turning radius is low when compared to other bikes, this surely to provide safety. Like Maruthi Alto’s turning radius is smaller than Honda city which doesn’t mean that Alto is better than a City.

2.pickup is bad, intial pick up is very bad.. may be better after 1st service
Agreed Initial pick up is less compared to other bikes in segment, that indeed changes your driving style, GS’s engine power is widely distributed in Mid range, So it is second to none in the mid range pickup trust me even better than R15. If you love this bike you will surely change your style from Hard throttling dasher standing in front of a signal to casually n silently moving Commuter who will throw dust on the fellas who ran before you like kids.

3.Gear indicator display is turning off very frequently
Never had this scenario, but hope it will be fixed on ur first service. Electronics is easier and cheaper than mechanics.. This seems like a Electronics issue.

4. front shock obsorbers are not that good compared to other (Unicon)bike
I don’t even believe that you typed this.. The front fork length is longer than Uni and it provides better comfort when compared to Uni, Both is in front and back. Do raise it and check this on your service.

5.Engine is geeting heated quickly
Very normal in any new bike for the first 1000 kilometer’s or so. Stay cool.

6.ECO mode is not allowing >60 even in 6th gear, light starts blinking
Man my I might have to type harder now.. Do you see any bike in the whole country which gives you a great mileage even when you cruise in 60 consistently? I know none. For mileage prone bikes getting it to 60 is like revving it hard, for the bikes in your mind, when you cruise them in 60 they consume lot of gas compared to GS.

7. 7. Gear shifting is not smoother, but ok type
It will be like butter after 1st and even better after 3rd. Trust me its my personal exp.
Hope I have given honest answers for your observations, Unsure whether you are satisfied with this.
Also read my review regarding this bike up on top
By the way where have you bought your bike?

July 17th, 2010 @8:02 am  

You know people the only BIG complaint that I can make about GS frm all these 8 months is… My Mom feels very hard to get onto my bikes rear seat because of its Height… Tht’s the only worry…

July 23rd, 2010 @3:48 pm  

hi friends, is this right season to get new bike b’caz i booked new GS 150 r and now friend is saying ” I should wait upto to winter, bcaz rainy season is not suitable for new bike

plaese advise me.

Jaspal Arora
July 24th, 2010 @10:57 am  

I don’t think you should care of rainy season!!! Your bike needs continuous attention to get clearned…and that’s it. You won’t like to care of any season if you need to buy a bike.

Jaspal Arora
July 24th, 2010 @11:12 am  

I have completed 23000 KMs till now, and the bike is really rocking except some bad experiance. My bike has always had some missing. I found water is mixing with petrol in rainy season. The petrol tank is not as efficient because while washing or rain, water goes through petrol tank however drainage for water is available but it’s not that efficient. still some water goes through it. this problem is right from the beginning, although service station has replaced the water tank but i don’t why still i am having trouble with missing.
Except this problem bike is really trouble free.

I am again going to complain about the missing problem….but i am not hoping that this will be rectified because work shop people just believe in servicing as this is the best way to earn money. They don’t want to do ANY REPAIRING WORK. so Please make your mind they do not provide an effective servicing. (this is for Mangol Puri service station….this may not be true for other suzuki service station)

I am getting 52-54 average in city conditions.
I have tested speed upto 104 and that’s vibration free
It goes to 70-80 in seconds and you won’t realize it’s on that speed.
Hydraulic front brake is reallyl efficient, however rear brake almost do not work.
Head light is not that effective–I still need a solution as I have to drive at night at my way back home.(CAN SOME1 PROVIDE A SOLUTION FOR D HEAD LIGHT?)

July 24th, 2010 @8:56 pm  


thanks dude, for your answers, by the way i have bought from nandanam show room. how about u?

July 25th, 2010 @12:29 pm  

@Goty Dude I got it from Swapna Suzuki Anna Nagar which was closed.

@ Japal, Yaar there are many ways I have heard from Blogs to change the RR unit from SH7***AA series to SH7**BA. series. And some are to replace the Orginal Head bulb to Osram Silverstar 35W r 60. Changing the Pilot Lamps to philips Blue vision, (which I did and it look great but does not solve the original problem compleltely).
The best and easiest thing you can do is to adjust the upright position of the doom facing a lil down. that infact would solve the problem but noone at SC would be savvy enough to do that I guess..

My ride covers city to 95% so head light issue did’nt bother me much.

July 27th, 2010 @3:08 pm  

Dear all,

Thankx, all of u guys, B’caz of ur valuble comments , i come to know the real performance of the all bikes and comparisons.

Thanx jaspal for ur advise.

I got my new Suzuki GS 150 R ( black ) bike y’day. Is was looking awesome.

July 28th, 2010 @7:30 am  

Welcome to the GS community Daya, Congrats… Happy Riding…


July 28th, 2010 @6:23 pm  


If u have any suggesion for me to riding new GS 150 r bike, then Its my plesure to follow the same.


Till ur first service, care ur byk very well.. Don’t accelerate it too fasta Accelerate smoothly and maintain rpm below 4500

Jaspal Arora
July 31st, 2010 @2:14 pm  


congrats on buying GS……….. don’t care about how to drive…drive as goog as you like.
Just so everyone knows…i have tested mileage with almost all speeds…even at 80 it gives above 50 and at below speed the milage is not something that is noticable.
drive with all conditions n speeds so engine can get more use to city conditions. if you don’t drive fast initially it may give problems at later stage.

Agree 2 Jaspal Arora, but achieving top speed regularly is not advisable

Jaspal Arora
August 1st, 2010 @10:14 pm  

Kartik, do you mean to say…we should not drive continuously at top speed. Can you please be specific…as I do drive continuously at 80-90 for around 1 hour daily. Please advise if it is not fine?

Jaspal Arora
August 1st, 2010 @10:17 pm  

And kartik can you also please advise, I have missing problem since the purchase of this bike. Workshop people has replaced the petrol tank as it was suspected that the water that is going through the water tank may be a reason for missing. But it’s still not rectified. Please advise if the solution you let us know can be covered from any warranty provided by company. Just so you know my bike is around 10-11 months old and if the warranty is for 1 year and so.

August 2nd, 2010 @1:27 pm  

i own a gs150…its giving mileage of abt 50++ that too in city… heavy traffic….but i have a problem…the sound of the bike i mean the firing is very irritating and turns me off wenever some guys comes wid his pulsar or apache…….does adding K&N filter change the sound of the bike…..or i have to fit some other exhaust………?????? guys plz plz reply me…….iam very dissappointed wid suzuki…..they made a good bike but forgot to add a macho sound to the exhaust…….HELP


no, maintaing 80-90 doesnt create serious prob. U can continue with dat speed.

And @Jaspal abt ur missing prob. Actually I could not find any solution. Check if your slow speed adjustment is not too less. And you said its not a new problem, so no need to doubt on your spark plug. But still check your spark plugs (they might be damaged since you bought d byk)

gs is not designd as a sport byk. Its mainly for long drive comfrt and mileage. Itz sound is somewat similar to unicrn which is smooth.
If u want to change it, K&N filtrs vil help u…

August 4th, 2010 @3:47 pm  

Hello Arish! Performance is more important than sound. Unicorn and gs150r are power commuter bikes, not sporty bikes. That is why gs150r exhaust sound is less, even though it is louder than unicorn. You are one person who wants gs150r to make more sound, but many unicorn fans say suzuki gs150r is not smooth because it makes more sound than unicorn. They confuse vibration and sound. The same unicorn engine on hunk and dazzler makes more sound, so does it mean unicorn engine is bad?

The sound produced depends on the engine tuning/mapping and more on the kind of exhaust. A bike’s engine smoothness can be gauged by the amount of vibration one feels in the handles, seat, and footpegs.

August 5th, 2010 @9:41 pm  

hi all,

Before 1st service checked millage 53KMPL. cool one in chennai traffic. well my doubt is

What is the relation b/w Gear,RPM and speed of the bike, usually i get confused and set like 1st gear till 10KMPH, 2nd gear till 20KMPH…….6th gear till 60KMPH, is that right calculation?

then how RPM differs with these 2 (Speed&Gear), observed in 3rd gear when i have raise accelarator RPM is increasing like any thing ofcourse i took care to be <4.5K RPM, observed noise when doing so.

Guys pls comment on this and help me to best use of my GS

no dats nt the ryt calculation.. shift ur gears wen rpm indictr reaches in the 4000-5000 range for economical ryd..

August 9th, 2010 @10:16 pm  

hi all gs fans…
i am one among u yar….
but i am in great confuse by my friends , i am from tamil nadu (coimbatore)… i am working i want to go to my off from my home daily to and fro totaly(50km/per day)yar….
and my friends not liking gs but i am too much impresd
so becuse it is too new i also afride becuse i get some good and bad comments yar,, so this is my first bike in my life with my own money so guys … pls suggest me in this 4 me which 150cc bike is good and more over see i will use for my family purpose only and in my house i have my mother and my wife newly married so for this conditions what will be sutable u think i have selected 4 choo from this or u can say if any thingis better than this
PLS TELL ALL + and – of that bike wich u are promting me….

August 11th, 2010 @5:23 am  

Hi Arun,

Out of the bikes you have listed, I would say GS 150 is the only bike which fits your criteria… Moreover if you stay close to Suzuki showroom n service center.. its a heads up to own a GS 150,
Honda dazzlr stands second in ma opinion but heard there is no pivotal changes to the engine, So if you are goanna buy it for its looks then its ok..
50 kms avg on a day, GS can be the best option out of the list you made
Don’t even ask friends for opinion in selecting your first bike… My personal advice…
Go online.. Look at all bikes images.. Shortlist your bikes.. Go to the showroom, test drive each one of them and test which ride made you feel comfortable. Buy it eyes closed..
Come on man its your first bike, Your primary concern shld be looks and comfort.. Of course do ask mileage in each showroom for your final decision.. This is the Mantra behind selecting your first bike…
But certainly from the list GS would be an optimum choice and it is VFM… To get all +ve’s n -ve’s on GS read posts from me n fellow blogger Antony..

August 11th, 2010 @12:34 pm  

@ arun

Arun i was also in dilema befor 3 weeks that which bike i should buy. I was waiting for new kind of bike in market. i choose GS becaz following reasons.
1) stylish, Sporty look
2) good milege as compare to other bikes in 150 segment.
3) comfort, broad seat.
4) highly instrumentation.(Big Gigital Speedometer, there
will be blinking of light if u are speed is less and gear
is high or visa versa )
5) uniqueness (u will find hundred of pulsar,unicorn,cbz
extrame, Hero honda hunk, Apache on road. hence if u
choose any of them u will not find ur bike new product in
6) attractive head light, taillight.

August 11th, 2010 @4:27 pm  

Hello Arun! The Fz16, dazzler, and Apache RTR are the 3 lightest 150cc bikes. Fz16 and dazzler are not executive/family bikes. Fz16 and dazzler come with only half chain cover, which is unsafe for pillion rider. They also do not have a proper saree guard with footrest, so pillion cannot sit sideways in these bikes. Fz16 and dazzler also do not have kicker, which could be a problem in cold/rain season. Apache RTR is a light and sporty bike, but its seating posture is sporty forward-bent, again not suitable for family. Pulsar also has the same forward-bent seating posture. Pulsar has rough gearbox.

The only bikes with straight comfortable seating are Honda unicorn, suzuki gs150r, and Hunk/Cbzx. All the 3 are excellent family/executive bikes, but are a bit heavier. Only honda unicorn has monoshock, which helps in bending the bike more like in race track while turning. Gs150r and hunk have twin gas-charged shockabsorber which give more comfort for pillion on bad roads. In city riding, monoshock or twin gas-charged rear shocks make no difference. I would suggest any of cb unicorn, gs150r, or cbzx/hunk. Unicorn and cbz/hunk share the same engine, but unicorn is more silent. Hunk is louder because it is tuned for more power and gives slightly lesser mileage than unicorn and gs150r. The gs150r is louder than unicorn, but it is equal to unicorn in engin smoothness. Only gs150r has engine balancer, 6th gear overdrive, and digital speedo. The gs150r is more than 1.5 years in market and it is a good-selling bike now, so nothing to worry. So, you decide which is giving more features for your money. According to me, gs150r still gives best value for money. Also, there is a new lighter 150 cc from Yamaha called SZ-X. It is a commuter/family bike with same Fz16 engine, but no kicker and no disc brake. The bike looks good and I think is a lot cheaper. Check that as well.

August 14th, 2010 @10:47 am  

i am planning to buy d gs150…but i hav a second thought 2 wait for d unicorn( almost 4 months). I want a bike wich should hav decent looks, low maintainance , a durable engine and a good milage…daily running would be arnd 40 kms…as d price range is almost the same, i am confused whether to go for d gs now or wait for d unicorn…. N wat abt d new discover 150?? thanku

August 14th, 2010 @11:48 am  

i am also concerned about the availability of the spare parts(especially d gs150) some years down the line and even the cost of d spares.

well.. The new Unicorn has d same engine as dat of the old.. So if u like the styling of the Dazzler 150 go for it..
Well spare parts cost will be almost similar for GS and Dazzler, but Bajaj will be cheaper…

I think GS is a good choice..BTW find if u hv Suzuki dealers nearby

August 24th, 2010 @3:53 pm  

are tere any drawbacks in gs?

Actually all bykz some merits and demerits… But I suggest GS as a logical buy :)

shantanu hazra
September 2nd, 2010 @8:39 am  

actually i m nt considering d dazzler due 2 d absense of a kick start…thinkin of hw vl i start d bike in case d self fails….plz help me out

September 2nd, 2010 @8:55 am  

Hey guys, even i am interested to go for GS but some problems which i came across review are rusting and skiding. Are they they provide MRF zapper? please help me guys because its my first bike.

September 5th, 2010 @11:23 am  

Listen Siva!!!!! I have been riding GS150R from last 13 months & I have never felt any problem like skiding as it purely depends upon on ur driving skills. Now as far as rusting problem there… it may happen if you dnt get ur bike wash regularly. Everyone here knows how rusting occurs. And till now I have not even spend 1 rupee for its spare parts. So, I suggest you to go for GS….. as it is best in 150cc class.

Jiten A Brambhatt
September 5th, 2010 @6:00 pm  

I want to purches suzukigs150r but
Idont no about mumbai price and

September 9th, 2010 @11:13 pm  

If you will drive GS150R within economic mode i.e 60kmph max speed then defintely its going to give 60+ mileage but at higher speed..who cares for the mileage…
Now, for price you can get it on suzuki website…

October 2nd, 2010 @4:26 pm  

Hi Guyz,
I bought a Suzuki GS150R just 1 yr back in Delhi. I’m looking to sell it off. For the simple reason: now I got a car and dont drive the bike anymore. not even 100 Kms a month now. So, I find little point in keeping it. Condition is excellent as I’ve always maintained it like my dear bike. All services done on time. It has run abt 5400 kms. If anyone will be interested, please contact me on
If you can suggest any online forum where I can post this too…please lemme know


October 4th, 2010 @11:02 pm  

Hi Guys,

I got my GS150r on 25 sep 2010, Its orange color and I have completed 350km. This is my first bike, so i don’t have more knowledge about bike. Up to now I am very happy about my bike but still have some queries.

1) Initially bike runs smooth, once I crossed more than 3 km then getting engine knocking sound/boulder grinding sound.

2) Now i am riding my bike below 4.2 rpm, where i can shift gears up to 6 which touch near by 60 kmph. Is it good to ride before first service?

3) Even chain became loose, some time I can hear the sound.

4) Idling 1.5 rpm.

Please advice me above queries, Shall I wait up to first service or I have to report immediately to Service center guys.

October 8th, 2010 @11:11 am  

Hi Siva,
Its all good for u as of now.. And the queries you are putting forward is common for the first 1000k’s or so.. Dnt worry.. happy riding..


Vasanth V

mohan kiran
October 19th, 2010 @9:23 pm  

Hi, Can you provide any suggestions about this gs150r, i have to know more about the useful of this bike like how it works, how much millage it is giving in the city, whether it is having resale or not, having any defaults just say openly to me bcz i am very much interested on buying this model. So please just provide your experiences whether it is good or bad.

November 9th, 2010 @8:38 pm  

i bought a honda dazzler a month back….n i m really enjoying it…’s quality rock man…..
what are the precautions to be taken while riding a new bike…i mean any specific way…like speed limit, rpm limit, etc????
thanku in advance

@ mohan kiran
gs150r is still a good choice. Its giving gud mileage and comfort. You can also look for Unicorn Dazzler. Test drive both and find which 1 suits you well :)

@ shantanu : till d first service dont ride harshly. dont raise ur rpm over 4.5k.. ride smoothly till ur first service :)

November 19th, 2010 @12:24 am  

gs 150 doesnot have a sporty riding experiance. but it as a comfort shockobsorbing while riding in high speads. in 4months after purchasing gs150 r i got 2 major problems (1)lockset blockage , (2)clutch cable replacement. and minor probs also like handle play, chain lose, wizer vibrations. and i had a tuff time with suzuki workshop crew for making repair of those problems. the service manager is very lazy i say……………..

January 22nd, 2011 @10:57 am  

hi, dear guys, i have read all reviews, at the last i plan to buy this, but is it suitable to my height and weight, 5.9 and 62kg weight, looks thin, suitable for me or not pls let me know?

January 24th, 2011 @9:28 pm  

Many manufacturers mention torque and power in their own units to mislead customers, so heres all of them in the same units of measurements.

TVS Apache160 torque 13.1 Nm@6000 rpm, power 15.2 bhp@8500 rpm, weight kerb 136 kg/dry NA
baj Pular150 torque 12.5 Nm@6500 rpm, power 14.8 bhp@9000 rpm, weight kerb 143 kg/dry NA
Honda dazzler torque 12.7 Nm@6500 rpm, power 14.0 bhp@8500 rpm, weight kerb 138 kg/dry NA
Honda unicorn torque 12.7 Nm@5500 rpm, power 13.3 bhp@8000 rpm, weight kerb 146 kg/dry 130 kg
HH Hunk/Cbzx torque 12.8 Nm@6500 rpm, power 14.2 bhp@8500 rpm, weight kerb 146 kg/dry 130 kg
Suzuki Gs150r torque 13.4 Nm@6000 rpm, power 13.8 bhp@8500 rpm, weight kerb 149 kg/dry 134 kg
Yamaha SZ-x torque 12.8 Nm@4500 rpm, power 11.9 bhp@7500 rpm, weight kerb 132 kg/dry NA
Yamaha Fz-16 torque 14.0 Nm@6000 rpm, power 13.8 bhp@7500 rpm, weight kerb 135 kg/dry NA
Yamaha R15 torque 15.0 Nm@7500 rpm, power 16.7 bhp@8500 rpm, weight kerb 131 kg/dry 120 kg

Higher torque @ lower rpm gives better pulling power and needs lesser gear-shifting in city riding, especially noticeable with pillion. Vehicles with more torque have more pulling power. There is always a compromise between torque and power. A tractor has more torque, but less power and top-speed. A ferrai has less torque, but more power and top-speed. Thats the reason why a 2000-cc tractor can pull an airplane, but a 3000-cc ferrai cannot pull an airplane

With 14 Nm torque, the fz16 rules. This is where the pulsar, dazzler, hunk, cbz lack, their peak torque comes late at 6500 rpm and R15 still late at 7500 rpm. Compared to gs150r and old unicorn, all bikes like dazzler, hunk, cbz, and pulsar require more frequent gear changes in city riding.

Yes, unicorn and dazzler have same engine with same 12.7 Nm torque, but unicorn’s peak torque comes at low 5500 rpm compared to 6500 rpm of dazzler, thus unicorn requires less gears-shifts than dazzler in city riding. But, like gs150r, dazzler can achieve higher top speed more easily.

Higher bhp @ higher rpm gives more top-speed. Note, bikes with higher rpm for top speed means the engine will not feel stessed at topspeed. This is where fz16 lacks, it has lower rpm at max bhp, which means fz enginee would feel stressed out at top-speed rpms. It cannot maintain topspeed for long time. But also many engines produce more vibrations at high rpms, but Gs150r has engine balancer and can be riden at high speed for longer duration and lesser vibration. Gs150r uses 6th gear for smoother high-speed highway rides, but R15 uses 6th gear to produce more topspeed.

Unicorn, dazzler, fz16 and R15 have monoshocks, which helps in taking high-speed, bending turns like in racetrack. Apache, pulsar, gs150r, hunk come with gas-charged dual rear shocks for better comfort on bad roads. Remember, even Harleys come with twin rear shocks. Sz-x and Cbz do not have gas-charged rear shocks. Fact is, in city riding monoshock or dual rear shock dont make much difference, unless you want to ride zig-zag.

Apache, dazzler, R15 and Hunk have rear disc brake option, which gives sharp braking and is an advantage if used properly.

Kerb weight is the weight with full tank fuel and engine oil and brake fluid. In normal conditions, most people will not have full tank of fuel, so the bike will weigh much lesser than kerb weight mentioned. Not all manufacturers give dry weight details. Surely, ligher bikes are easier to handle in start-stop city traffic, but heavier bikes are more stable on long, high-speed, highway rides.

Also note, Sz-X, fz16, r15, dazzler and Hunk do not have kicker. It saves money for bike companies, but is a disadvantage for customer. Maintenance-free battery means mechanics need not top-up battery with distilled water during regular service. For them, it is less work. But for customer, it doesnt mean anything. Dont compare with cars here. Cars have powerful 30 Ah to 90 Ah batteries. Putting a low-power, 4-Ah battery in a bike without kicker is not wise, as the 4-Ah battery discharges faster than 6-Ah battery.

Among digital speedometers, I feel Gs150r has the best. All bikes here have analog tachometer and digital speedometer, but Gs150r has extra gear position indicator. Fz16 has digital tachometer and digital speedo. Note, dazzler lacks engine kill switch.

Things like clip-on handles, rear disc brake, digital speedometer, parking light in head lamp, LED tailamp, all increase cost of the bike. So be ready to pay more if you want more features. Dont worry about number of service centers, unless you are staying in a remote village. Note, there is a new 150cc Yamaha SZ-R with front disc brake, looks great.

Finally, bikes with:

high torque @ lower rpm = less gear shifting in slow city traffic.
high bhp @ higher rpm = higher top speed and feel stress-free at top-speed.

@ antony :

dat was jst awesome post. Nothing xtra to be added to it.. Tnx 4 d post :)

@ anilkumar

its better you get a test ride on suzuki… if u r comfort in riding it, den go 4 it, cuz technically suzuki is a pretty gud bike …

March 13th, 2011 @10:12 pm  

heyyy gs fans…
i am one among u ….i love this bike very much…now i got the permission to by a bike..i love gs but
am in great confuse by my friends , i am from kerala and am in a small village)… the roads are not good…i have a suzuke showroom in 15 kms…i need above 50 milage…smooth engine…not high speed performannce one….i had to daily ride 30 kms in village roads(is tht reduce milage tht i cant use 6 gear)… so plz give an advise that this bike suits me in the above conditions …..plzz frnds….

March 24th, 2011 @4:00 am  

great yaar nice explanation on bike torque and power, it is useful, really i go for suzuki gsr150, i feel its a great bike for me too. thank you Antony….. Anilkumar from Hyd,

@ subin

Yamaha FZ is a street bike, its gud to ride it on city traffics, village areas etc, cuz it has higher torque in its class.. but FZ gives u mileage less dan 50 even on top gears.. so i dont think it might suit u..

i think GS will be better for u … :)

April 7th, 2011 @11:17 pm  

This is an interesting forum. Thanks to all for ur valuable informations.

April 15th, 2011 @2:12 am  

somebody plz help me out!!!
im totally confused wid the GS and yamaha szr..
at pune the on road prices nw are around 72k and 64k for the gs and szr respectively..
the szr is by no doubts is a very good lookin bike. bt i like the GS too.
i wld prefer a bike wid mileage and good speed..
szr is said to give a mileage of 45-46..
my friend got an szr, its light and the pic up is good too..
i ve ridden both, i love the GS but i dunno i a way, the szr too attracts me!! :D

May 14th, 2011 @6:09 am  

Hello Karthikj!

Yes the SZ-R is also a good light city bike, but it is of totally different character than Gs150r. SZ-R is an high-torque @ low rpm bike, meaning it has good load pulling power and requires less gear changes in city traffic. But peak power BHP of SZ-R is less, hence it has less top-speed. Also, the SZ-R will take time to reach top speed slowly and will vibrate with continuous top-speed riding.

Gs150r is a heavier 150cc bike, but still it has high torque that ensures good load pulling capacity and a decent city ride, though it would require more gear changes in slow city traffic than SZ-R. When it comes to high-speed highway runs, the Gs150r is arguably the best 150cc bike due to engine balancer and 6th gear for highways cruising.

The extra weight in gs150r is functional weight (not dead weight) due to extra engine balancer and 6th gear and also gs150r is very strongly built.

SZ-R is lighter, but has no kicker (reliability ??) and no digital meter. On the whole, both bikes are very different.

May 18th, 2011 @10:11 am  

Very confused between GS-150R And Yamaha SZ-R.
Major requirement is engine Life, Good salvage Value and Good mileage. Choice in between Both “R” s

May 21st, 2011 @5:36 am  

since this same model is ther in the markefor 3 to 4 years now, So whether any new model or ungraded GS 150 R is expected in near future . I have planned to book this bike next month

Jit Patel
May 23rd, 2011 @4:20 am  

Hi, I own a suzuki gs 150r COmpleted 500 kms, i have few queries like when shud i change engine oil for the first time? and other thing is i see a thin pipe kind of pink and transparent that s hanging out from the carbeurator, wat that pipe is for, i doubt it to be over flow pipe coz it cannot be so thin, pls help

Jit Patel
May 23rd, 2011 @4:27 am  

Moreover Now a days I hear bikes with company defects, my previous pulsar had this defect in tank which will block air in it and the bike will jst stop as if it ran out of fuel, could get rid of it only when a mechanic told me hw i shud open up the tank stir a bit and close the lid wit a bang so that the air passes on…. jst curious to know if there s any company defect in GS150r. N yeah also heard a lot of my frens talkin abt a lot of company defects in FZ, that bike is jst a waste. In Indore frens have trouble with the punctures in tyres because of the roads and in Gujarat, the tubeless tyre cannot bear the heat in summer and will develope number of large cracks making it inevitable to move around with the same piece of tyre and obviously ur bike s new so u ll have to change it, a fren said that company helps in doing so that also free of cost bt again they are replacing it with same kind of tyre jst solving the problem temporarily n tat also in rare cases…..

May 25th, 2011 @5:26 am  

very nice post, i surely adore this website, keep it.

May 25th, 2011 @6:09 am  

May I just say such a relief to discover person who really realizes exactly what they may be talking about on the internet. You definitely get experience to take an issue to light and enable it to be important. Even more people need to read it all and understand it aspect of the story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular because you absolutely have the gift.

June 5th, 2011 @8:29 am  

QUEST 1: I am a 20 year old college stu , Height : 6 feet , weight : 60kg , Do u think this would be ideal Bike for me in a city like Bangalore. My parents feel its too huge and heavy.

QUEST 2: would there be any difficulty in getting the spare parts on time?

QUEST 3: I want to know whether suzuki is thinking of discontinuing the model GS-150R? since i booked Greenish Blue colour, the sales person told me tat the colour is not available from past 3 months .

July 9th, 2011 @7:28 pm  

I have a GS done 1700 and I should say its a fantastic bike. If you dont care more about the styling but demands performance an mileage the go for it. Buying a CBZ and a Hunk is useless coz the engines are derived from the Unicorn.
The main competition is with Pulsar and Unicorn. GS is basically made for stop and go drive situation with low end torque just like Rolls Royce giving power at low speeds. Also it comes with engine balancer which reduces vibration and an anti knocking mechanism.
Especially made for people who wants a heavy macho bike. It scores in mileage too. FZ’s are useless to buy as they have good looks but small engines that do not match to the body.

July 18th, 2011 @12:24 am  

Dear All,
I am using a HH CD Deluxe for the last 2 years.I have to travel total 90kms per day to and fro(Home 2 office and vise-versa).High way travelling is arround 70% and hevy city trafic is abt 30%. CDdeluxe is a good bike but feel lack of wait and controll while traveling in high way with more than 60kmph and reqier freqent gear shifting at city coditions.i want to change my bike with SusukiGSR or Apache RTR 180(white).My main concern is good looking,good mileage,better riding comfort,good breaking,well balenced,effertless gear shiting and handling in cities,seating comfort for pillion,qiet decent pick up etc..etc…Actually am fall in love with the looks , white colur and graphics of Apache RTR 180…but fear abt the engine long lasting,Back pain due to seating postion for long riding,and mileage….The only thing which i feel worry abt GSR is lack of rear disc break and sporty look like RTR180.My hight is 5.5 and wt is 71 kg…..Pls guide me on this selection…need your all valuable comments…..THANKS


August 16th, 2011 @10:22 pm  

i hav a hero honda hunk 10k over
now i am planning to buy an air filter(KNN)
and also a spark plug to go with it(NGK)
what do u guys suggest?
should i go for oil filter(KNN) too?
will it improve?

August 27th, 2011 @10:29 pm  

Definitely go for Suzuki as looks are not the only concern.. if that is so get a bike and add some stickers and modifications…
the real thing matters is riding comfort and smoothness and millage, s of course it is much important in Indian roads..

and as it has a additional extra gear it seriously improve mileage…

September 4th, 2011 @6:25 pm  

what is the milage?
what is the cost in chennai on road?

September 16th, 2011 @1:30 am  

suzuki gs its one of the best 150cc but sorry to say no one know the value … better then unicorn ,smooth as butter on highways ……i am prowd to be the owner of this facinating bike…

September 21st, 2011 @11:32 am  

Hi friends this winter i am planning to buy a bike, but i am totally confused between GS 150R, Pulsar 150, Yamaha SZ-R, new CBZ-Xtreme, CB Unicorn.
Things i need is a good mileage, good pick up and power, maintenance free, means a good all round performance in city.
Or else i will wait for any new bike to be launched.

Please friends help me out with some “Expert Opinion”.
waitng eagerly for your reply.



September 28th, 2011 @5:09 pm  

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October 8th, 2011 @3:19 pm  

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October 10th, 2011 @5:39 pm  

I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this web site. Thanks , I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

October 10th, 2011 @6:13 pm  

Good write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s website, maintain up the excellent operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

@ kishan

GS gives pretty gud mileage and it has gud engine life too

September 11th, 2012 @11:06 am  

dude iz suzuki iz launching any 150cc byk…. lik.. r15 yamaha, cbr150r honda.. other sports bike.. it should look lik.. concern around price of 8o-1lakh.. in suzuki.. 2013 r so.. i am waiting for suzuki 150cc segment

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