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September 29th, 2008 @7:28 pm  

Pretty awesome review on the Bullet 350…
One point I’d like to make about the review in general is to try avoiding the usage of “u” instead of “you” even though b being a blog. Because of the regular chats and text messages its becoming a big habit. Another thing is in the images you use, make it a point you smudge or cover the license plate number in some image editing software. I am not sure why, but, I’d reckon that to be a good practice.
Apart from that, Good work guys.

PS: Would there be any possibility of getting any videos or maybe images of the drag race you guys conducted. I would love to see that.
Next time try doing a review of Thunderbird (since, I own one, would like to know general opinion, though I’m aware it would not come anywhere near the BULLET), also a drag race between Thunderbird and Pulsar, Please. :)

September 29th, 2008 @7:48 pm  

Thanks pradeep for your comment.Unfortunatly i do have the habit of using u instead of you. sorry for that. i will try to make much better on my next review. Mostly we are writing reviews on our campus bikes we do have a thunderbird After a test ride by our pros we will surly put a post on thunder bird And also, sorry we dont have a video of that drag race.. it was in a medium traffic condition on KP road.

PS: its nice to know that even a thunderbird owner loves bullet standard.. im a diehard fan of bullet. thanks again friend for your comment. ill need it.

September 29th, 2008 @10:01 pm  


The above article related to the bullet was super and I would like to add the below current news regarding BULLET:

Royal Enfield motorcycles have been in continuous production for over 100 years. This makes them the longest running motorcycle brand in the world and their success story is set to continue with the introduction of a brand new engine for 2009.

All 2009-model Royal Enfields will be fitted with the new UC engine. The first 2009 model is to appear in the UK will be the Electra EFI.

This will be similar in appearance to the previous Electra model, but with UCE engine and a catalytic converter in the exhaust.

However, this 500cc pushrod single cylinder, with a bore of 84mm and stroke of 90mm, gives an authentic-feeling ‘British Single’ experience.

It has a single cylinder air-cooled pushrod engine, 1950’s style and toolboxes, traditional paint scheme and it also has highly polished engine components. It will appear in UK showrooms early in 2009.

A genuine classic for today’s roads!


September 29th, 2008 @10:11 pm  

@ sherin

thanks for your appreciation…. thats really helpful when u r new into this review thing on net…. and also i thank u for tats great info u got there.. can u give us some pics of new bullet?? or some video links ?? a detailed specification??? thanks in advance

Prephul Raj
September 29th, 2008 @10:31 pm  

Nice review guys..

Bullet is one bike that has truely won the respect it deserves. Its unique engine with the highest tourque in indian bikes and the right foot gear pedal distinguishes bullet owners from the rest of the bikers anywhere on this planet.. Bullets has always been India’s driving force transporting men and protecting us at the borders..

I too am a proud thunderbird owner.. And i have to admit that I loose my pride when my thunderbird’s aluminium alloy mill stands next to a Bullet… with the powerfull thump produced by the 350cc cast iron mill!!
Anyway guys keep up the good work.. Expecting more reviews on other bikes… And i’m looking forward for the drag race ( Now pls dont come with a pulsar 220.. I already tried that!! )

September 30th, 2008 @10:48 am  

iniyankilum poyi licence edukku…………….

September 30th, 2008 @10:51 am  

thank u anish for the great review. it will help people like me who intend to take a bike. bullet is always machine of desire right from our childhood. many bikes came to market showed a good or bad show and faded into history but bullet than and now remains same. its a bike which command respect and shows royalty.

September 30th, 2008 @7:17 pm  

go check your speedometers calibration !!!!

September 30th, 2008 @7:21 pm  

This a diabolic piece of machine.
Bullet is one of the best Cold Blooded Machines available in the world.With its unique and distinctive 350 cc engine,that creates a hell of the road and its masculine body frame, it has the ability to shove other bikes out of the road and makes other bikes fell humiliated.
Next time try 2 do a review on the latest Brat Boy of the streets FZ16.

October 1st, 2008 @3:45 pm  

nice work dude!!!!!!!!

Shiju Philipose
October 1st, 2008 @7:48 pm  

first of all congrats on putting an article on “THE BIKE”
couldnt close the window with out placing a comment.
unfortunately i dont ride a two wheeler now..but bullet had pumped a lot of adrenalin into me a couple of years ago…
it was like you were on top of the world ..the wild speed..macho pulling..powerful exhaust..elegant looks..what more to say..
some times it may need a pumping before u kick start..but ..then every thing macho comes with a price tag naa
@ would be nicer if you also put the mileage u get from your bullet.
so..all kudos to “THE BULLET”

October 1st, 2008 @8:39 pm  

@ shiju
thanks friend..
as a matter of fact we haven’t ever tested the mileage of a bullet..
to find out the exact mileage we have to keep it in economy mode.. but the adrenalin it gives never allows us to keep it in under 70kmph …. but for sure my friends say that they get a healthy 35 km mileage and that’s a rough calculation
anyways thanks again for Ur comment keep it coming…..

Rajeev Sharma
January 20th, 2009 @12:46 pm  

Nice Review. I own an Electra 5S. Though I wanted to go for the std 350, the Electra’s looks appealed more to me.

It sports a cast iron engine, similar to the Std, and has a left side gear box, which is fine by me (having driven them jap toys for a while)…

I changed the factory silencer to a retro one, and the royalty was restored. However, as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility”, so riding a bullet needs to be done with some care for your fellow indians ;-)

Keep Thumping,

January 22nd, 2009 @8:46 am  

@ Rajeev Sharma
Electra is a new version of bullet standard.Killing those hard starting problems fitting with an electric start and change in gear position……… tats a new age bullet standard…. its like living riding a bullet.. tat hard starting part is where all the fun begins….
by giving too much comfort Electra did kill the unique sound of bullet standard..
Rajeev , every one will be interested in knowing hows Electra going?? please do add something about Ur plectra as comments


Rajeev Sharma
January 23rd, 2009 @11:51 am  

Hi Anish,
Yeah, the Electra is the new age “Standard”, however there are some things which are different.

1. The electra has gears on the left side, which to me is fine ;-) though many standard 350 purists will differ.

2. My bike has a 5 gear box. Which is also nice to have.

3. The mechanism of the clutch cable, is different. It needs to be “hooked” inside the gear box. I know this, since I snapped my cable once, and saw the mechanic do this :-)

4. There is an electric start mechanism, which is useful only if you have driven the bike for 10 mins atleast. :-) By then the warm engine is easy to start with a single kick as well. The only times I find this useful, is when I have a load of clothes from the laundry, and it is highly probable that a kick will disbalance me and drop the clothes on the ground.

5. Looks – Deffinitely the Electra is stunning, the paint job is a lot better, and the chrome work shines well. Almost every day, I have people staring at the bike, like they never saw something like this before :-) I havent seen a standard get such admiring glances from people ;-) The brass lettering on the petrol tank is an absolute winner!

6. Silencer – The factory has fitted all bikes (including the standard) with the long bottle silencer. So, no more thumps … but wait! I changed my factory silencer to a retro one, and the thump is back. The sound, is similar to the old bullet, and is quite pleasing as well on high speeds.

7. Disk brakes – These are a blessing, and have worked without any problem so far. Excellent stopping ability, which was long needed for the RE.

So, overall I am quite happy with the bike, though I would like it to give me a better mileage (it currently gives me around 30) … however, we cant have the best of both worlds …
I wanted the electra for the cast iron engine, in addition to the above features … so what if it is costly on mileage ?

- Cheers,

April 23rd, 2009 @7:36 pm  

my name is idrees.
i am very keen on 500 machismo and on a path to buy it very soon to emacipate to the highest level of riding experience.
i have heard that the new machismo 500 is having problems in the piston (1 in 500 ratio). As only 500 are manufactured every year. I have read in few articles that the machismo 500 bought by few guys had serious quality problems from the factory itself.
2 of the guys faced the same problem.
Just after covering 300-500 kms on their new motocycles they faced a sound in the bore.
When they got it checked, they were completely damaged.
They got it changed as in warranty and still getting sounds and for one of the guys since he was out of warranty he had to pay 14k to get it fixed again.
They were mentioning there is very less support in customer service.
It would be very difficult to deal with such a problem if it occurs even in the farthest point in your imagination.
Pls enlighten me on this if possible.
Its such a big and expensive motorcyle, cannot afford to it to the garage for such a technical issue.

May 10th, 2009 @1:03 pm  

hii guyz…can any1 tall me the diffternce between new n old standard 350…n vch1 is better…Coz m cunfused..vch1 to buy….and wat’ll b the average….???? n also wat to ask m getting ’93 Modal in Rs.50K Complete…n new standard is Rs.83k in Ahmedabad…wating fow some good feed back……………..JD

May 28th, 2009 @10:07 pm  

Bullet 350 and Electra 4S are the two models having highest demand in Kerala state,India.while Electra 4S is not available new ,electra 5S with LHS gearshift is available.but resale price for thunderbird,electra “5S” are low compared to std350 and electra 4S.
also RHS gear shift and neutral finder is the original England traits.
IF you ever buy a new bullet ,after initial buy ,get the new bullet immediately to the local bullet expert(whom you can ask from bullet owners) who can show you the problems and possibly repair without voiding warranty.Don’t Trust RE Dealer Workshops.shoddy work is reported from many dealerships.

Good Luck! :) ;)

July 19th, 2009 @8:35 pm  

hi guys, as ya all said d bullet is a mean machine… it is d master in its area…. its a good choice for smone who love his machine.. d thing abt bullet is, its a bike dat love being loved… nd it will remain trustworthy nd nevr dissappoint u…. (till u treat it wid respect)…

nd abt “jd’s” doubt..
hei bro.. d difference in an old nd new bullet (if ur sain abt std 350) is mainly its crank weight. d older bullets hav a great amount of crank weight enablin dem to pull up any mountains nd keep d ride smooth through our normal roads wiout much gear changes… till 1968 d bullets wer imported wid perfect engines.. but later d parts wer made in india.. (which do not hav evn half quality as dat of england one’s).. anyway.. der was crank bearing problems nd as roads became smoother causing d crank weight of nt much need these days… so u cn go for a brand new bullet 350… which hav lower crank weight resultin’ in bettr acceleration…spending money on old bullets is just waste(unless u hav a model above 1968)..
u cn try on a std bullet.. it cms wid gas shox on d rear nw.. nd u cn hav a disc break on d front for bettr breakkin’…
if ur expectations are more, like constant fast drivin, bettr acceleration nd more mileage etc etc….den its bettr to look for d electra 5s… or thunderbird twin spark…
the thunderbird is said to hav a top speed of more than 130km/h.. nd provides mileage of abt 40km/l… by d way if u ask me.. my option wud be “electra 5s” (coz it cost much less dan thundrbird ts)..

August 14th, 2009 @5:45 pm  

can someone put some light on 500CC machismo. is it worth it.
i have heard lot of complaints from people who own 500CC machismo,

September 29th, 2009 @10:35 pm  

Hi Guys, I am new to this forum . I have always dreamt of owning a bullet ! Currently i have Pulsar 200[1yr old], planning to buy a 2nd hand Bullet or Electra . I ll use it only in the weekends . So kindly suggest what to do ????

December 20th, 2009 @11:52 pm  

I wish to touch 160kph if its possible on my RE350. Today I touched 70kph and it brought tears to my eyes as I was riding
without helmets on. Next time I wish to touch the maximum with
ofcourse my helmets on.
Long Live RE350.

royce thomas
January 3rd, 2010 @10:53 am  

hi anish…i am in a bit of dilemma.i would like to purchase a bullet , but dont know which one to purchase…i mean which one delivers performance, economy and royalty..i prefer std 350cc as it is easy on the pocket and wheel base is better. as a matter of fact i am a heavily built you recommend me a std 350 cc…pls rely and do u think if we add the windscreen to std 350 , would that lok good.would youtell me what extra modfications we could do to the std 350 to make it look classy……awaiting your reply….


January 21st, 2010 @8:59 pm  

This is for everyone who wants to own a bullet and who already has one.First lets start with the wannabe bullet owners.Royal Enfield is a very old company,originated in ENGLAND in Redditch,then the company shifted in india.Bullet 350 std is a bike which was an original british motorcycle,which india has been manufacturing the same way since it was originally made.Now back in those days the quality of the british made enfield were said to be good,they were reliable,according to those days.Now the indian made bullet are not exactly of the same quality as their british counterparts,as india being a third world country dont expect too much out of it,its like judging skimmed milk with diary milk,if you know what i mean.Buying a bullet in india is all about having an inner pride,its showing how manly you are or that what most of us belive.The indian royal enfield company has been making different models from time to time,where most of the look remains the same,now the original bullet std which is still in production has 4 gears and on the right side,now some new variants have the same cast iron engine along with new ones with 5 gears on the left side,now how can you put 5 gears on the cast iron engine which was suppose to have 4 gears and that is also on the left side,originality destroyed by our so called indian engineers.Most of the motorcycle comapny in india seems to have a histroy of tie up with japenese company or others but there never has been a stand alone indian made motorcycle.So,in short dont go for the new age bullet which the company have recently launched,instead stick with the original one the Bullet 350 std.Now lets go to those who already own one,some people bring it to make their neighbours jealous and some bring it to give it a good massage therapy,with all kinds of polish and wax.People like to stand out from the rest of the crowd no matter what.we all like it no matter how weired we may seem.Modifying your bullet with extra light,or just ripping off that original comapny fitted silincer with an after market one for louder thump does not make any sense,what one usually ends up upon is a dead battery and a engine which has a higher RPM than usual along with oil leaks and not to mention the higher vibration of the bike.Its good to be in speed,you feel the air hitting your face its almost feels like you are flying,but then again dont you think what you are riding it is not some japanese rice grinder nor an american harley,its a bike which was made before you were even born,so try to keep the speed in 60 to 70kmp.I am a bullet owner myself and a huge fan of this classic motorcycle,ever since i was a kid it used to make my head turn on the roads.My first bike is a bullet,and i got it when i was 18,thats when you get your license actually.So,to everyone who has a bullet enjoy your bike,love it like as if it is a part of your family and always remember its roots…Keep Tumping…CHEERS!!!

January 27th, 2010 @4:44 pm  

Really Great dear. Thank you so much for your post. is it any starting problem for rainy time ?

March 13th, 2010 @10:58 pm  

now royal enfield phased out their cast iron engine & might be in the mid of this year company will launch new std350 & electa with uce engine with left side gear shift. but i personally think that right side gear shift is unique. this make any royal enfield bike a niche motorcycle. this is a good job to change engine but plz do not change right side gear shift. atleast alternative must be open for every one.

April 1st, 2010 @3:00 pm  

Hi guys,
As machismo 500cc has already become a retired model of RE. I own this model and had lots of problems regarding its sounds. I had to spend lots of money to get it repaired and now I’m fed up, and planning to buy a standard 350cc with gears on right if its possible. even one of my friends seized his engine of 500cc classic. my inner voice says that standard make its appearence again. lets hope for good for the fans of standard 350cc and I’m sure that it would come again.

May 20th, 2010 @11:00 am  

Hey guys,
I was planning to buy a electra from last one year(used). Did not get any good deal and at last decided to buy a new standard 4s after i drove it for 1 week(friends) and was shocked to hear that this bull’s production has stopped. After around 100 calls to dealers finally i got one from a dealer in NCR. will be getting delivery today. Let me know what all things i should take care of for my new bull. I am also getting married in November and my fiance also loves it.

May 31st, 2010 @4:46 pm  


June 29th, 2010 @9:24 pm  

hi guys im planning to buy a second hand enfield, as im keen on the mileage matter. Could any of you tell me which is the one machine in enfield which gives the best mileage, bullet 350? or thunderbird? or electra? plz help.
thank you.

October 30th, 2010 @1:06 pm  

the bike is crap, lazy hard to drive a bike for old sunki men.

Krishna Kumar.V
November 17th, 2010 @5:31 pm  

Hi Rakesh
My name is Krishna Kumar. I am planning to buy a second hand Bullet 350 standard. I want to know more about the Retired Model Bullet-350 like mileage, running cost, spare availability,oil cost , oil standard, spare cost etc.

please help me to get the answer.

November 19th, 2010 @3:05 pm  

i want to know about the new bullet standard with the 5speed engine. is it a good model . is it reliable than the older bullet.

November 22nd, 2010 @3:23 am  

KANNAN Thattarethe tharayil

vinod v jose
January 13th, 2011 @2:07 pm  

its not a mere bike, its really our metallic brother out of steel and oil instead if flesh and using one for the last 4 years and i need no further explanations. he is really a male. aworthy asset we can ever own. cheers.

vinod v jose
January 14th, 2011 @9:42 am  

dear friends, am a mechanical engg. graduate and to my experience, respect elder people. bullet is one of the eldest among indian bikes and his engine is an over-square, the stroke is greater than the bore. such engines yields a massive torque and is constructed mainly for cruising purpose. compared to his younger ones, his engine is not designed for higher rpm levels and thus dont expect an abrupt pickup.on august 2010′, i travelled fron alleppey to b’lore, where am currently working,a span of 650kms on my enfy and was not disappointed. the entire journey from the first kick to the last brake was thrilling through the wyanad-gundalpettai route.he survived cold weather,dusty highways,worn out uphill routes without play.the only fact is that, as an elder member of your family, you have to care him with proper maintenance and gentle, GIVE RESPECT, TAKE RESPECT.
any doubts regarding bullet, kindly ask me.. anyone any time
09916 213 940

April 18th, 2011 @1:43 pm  


April 20th, 2011 @11:31 am  


May 22nd, 2011 @2:42 am  

hi Anish… i m so happy to have connection wid d people who have royal enfield. i hv done a big mistake… instead f buying a bullet i went for bajaj avenger. and nw i want to correct my mistake. i m planing to purchase an army bullet. pls help me wid ur ideas…

May 25th, 2011 @5:26 am  

I ACTUALLY appeared to be extremely pleased to search out this particular web-site.I desired to appreciate it for your effort for the wonderful study!! I ACTUALLY certainly loving each little it all and I’ve got you book marked to check out brand-new items you blog post.

June 17th, 2011 @5:11 pm  

hi rkkar, i will say gor for bullet classic 500… if u hav good height and size den an electra will suit you better.. coz evn wen average people ride the classic model, the byke seems to be too small..

and for jebin.. dude going for an army bullet will like crazy idea.. you should knw dat aftr using an avenger you may hav the habit of riding faster and u will depend on the disk breaks a lot.. and in the case of bullet if u are riding fast then ther will problems from the engine side after some time.. and if are goin for the older model you will find it hard to get the spares.. one more thing, without a disk break when u go fast on a bullet and break, the tyres will stop.. but the bike wont.. so go for the old model only if you have enough bank balance and got plenty of time to spare for the byke..
i saying this because i had two standard model79 and model69 bullets.. i was having a pulsar before.. so i missd the speed when i went for bullet.. i also wanted the weight and riding comfort and power of bullet.. so i went for an old model thunderbird with kick start.. i modded it with alloys and wider rear tyre.. i also geared it up with apache rtr disk breaks in front.. now the byke has got power stability and speed and u knw what? i get upto 45km/l.. and datz coz i got bigger rear tyre… i was getting around 50km/l before..
i will say go for old model electra5s or thunderird..

July 11th, 2011 @7:11 pm  

That was a nice article. I have been planning to purchase a Classic 350. Surprising thing is I havent owned a 2 wheeler before and this would be my first bike and a first bullet. So a little of mixed emotions everywhere. Although I have done a ground work of how much the cost is, mileage, etc etc. Being a first time bike owner, I am a little nervous. :) But I want to be a proud bulleteer..Its either a Bullet or no bike at all :)

aasis gurung
July 23rd, 2011 @9:47 am  

hi i m from nepal…….after reading the above comments,i have made my mind to buy a royal enfield 350 someday,,,,,,,,,,,thanks,,,,,n great pic up there….

August 3rd, 2011 @4:44 pm  

ilike bullet very much

August 21st, 2011 @8:39 pm  

Dear Binu

Thank u for your advise…..

August 22nd, 2011 @3:49 am  

i just bought electra 4s one week back. it really feels great when you ride the bike. i got some problems with the clutch disc, can anyone help?

jibin from kannur
September 3rd, 2011 @11:04 pm  

hi dear,
its really valuable informations.

Now im planing to buy a bullet. Ifound old bullets have greater demand than new one. So i came to search old.
Last i got an 2010 model millytary bullet.
But he is demanding rs.80000/-
its repainted recently. Please advice me shall i prefer this or go for other old ones or for new one.

September 7th, 2011 @4:13 pm  

“Not only wine even iron becomes valuable over time especially if it rolls on two wheels and has ‘Royal Enfield’ stamped on its fuel tanks”.

Old is gold, thats a fact. If you are in search of a machine that turns an asset to you tomorrow, then its old, the only choice. Its engine block is of Cast Iron and is more durable. More over, its thumping can’t be replicated as such in one with an Aluminium alloy engine block. Even if the old vehicle as a whole is expensive, its parts are cheaper compared to newer models and later serves you good. So go for an old model. Go on searching until you find a one of 80′s or 90′s.

youtube converter, utorrent

Jitendra Bisht
September 14th, 2011 @2:55 pm  

I want to know the milage & cost of Royal Enfield 350

October 6th, 2011 @11:56 am  

hi all

i bought a classic 350 one month old and its good in all the above u said.. its is comfort, stylish, reliable and even giving good mileage in normal traffic conditions.i got 43kms mileage and i feel good on it..

October 10th, 2011 @12:03 am  

what model of pulsar you have used is it pulsar 135 or pulsar 150……….????????????

I truly wanted to write a simple remark to be able to express gratitude to you for all the splendid steps you are giving out on this website. My prolonged internet look up has finally been paid with sensible strategies to go over with my great friends. I ‘d repeat that most of us website visitors actually are very endowed to live in a great site with very many special professionals with good things. I feel somewhat lucky to have come across your web page and look forward to so many more brilliant moments reading here. Thanks again for a lot of things.

October 15th, 2011 @10:46 am  

Hi Friends,

Great to see this review site and get informed and become knowledgeable. I’m planning to buy a RE and would like to take your advice about it.

Could you please help suggest and guide me?

my objectives are:
1. It must look Royal, Heavy and like a King on the Road ;>) as it really so…!
2. Performance, Mileage and Maintenance are also key


October 20th, 2011 @1:00 pm  

i am so happy to see your fentastic bike.i bought my own R E bullet last i would like to alterate it.i am from no is 09824386393.

jose manu
December 4th, 2011 @6:09 pm  

i would like to knw abt milege…….. is is affordable…\

Thansir siddik
February 21st, 2012 @7:12 pm  

hI guys,
I have booked classic 350, i have a bit confusion to select Classic 350/Electra
due to my height. I am 6ft and 75kg, will classic 350 suits for me. please suggest. Waiting for ur replies. Thanks

March 8th, 2012 @12:30 pm  

bullet ko chalate time ham bore nahi hote or dil khush ho jata hai.

August 27th, 2012 @1:26 am  

my height is 5ft 6inches
i think it would not suit me to ride a bullet??
i m thinking of buying a thunderbird
pls reply!!

November 3rd, 2012 @2:21 pm  

I have one doubt that my hight.
Iam 5.3 hight can i handle Bullet easily?
pls give answer to me.

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